A Little Bit About my Life

Right now I’ll take some time to talk about the people in my life who have been nothing but amazing and great to me over the years

my family

These Goofballs
Have always been there for me and have never given me a dull moment at home sure we fight and argue but I couldn’t ask for a better bunch. They have always been inspiring me to do better with myself and are there to push me even further for that I can’t thank them enough.


The greatest
This girl has gone above and beyond to make me smile and laugh like nobody’s business she will be featured a lot on this blog and she is Someone anyone would be lucky to call a friend and I am so blessed to have her as mine. She and I met last summer and became inseparable every since her family is now my second away from home and she is one of the main reasons I got into clothes and style without her I’d be a dreamer and be scared to make this but she is the confidence I have always needed and she has no idea how much that has meant to me!

stay tuned for more


  1. What a great site! Denni seems like a great friend to have. I’m a rookie blogger too and my friends have been so supportive. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their push and encouragement. 🙂

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