Looking Dapper, Ol’ Chap


Founded in 1856, Burberry is a British clothing house formed by Thomas Burberry. The company distributes clothing, perfume, accessories and sunglasses, which makes it a huge success. The brand is best known for its Tartan patterns as well as the famous french coat invented by Thomas Burberry himself.

Thomas Burberry:


Holding the status of Founder of the House of Burberry, he is also the inventor of Garbardine. Burberry started off as an assistant at a drapery store. He opened his first Burberry house in 1859 and since then, the brand has become international. Queen Elizabeth even received tailored clothing from the company.


Celebs in Burberry:


Credit: Burberry


  1. Actually Burberry is one of my favorite brands, love the iconic tartan pattern which is an instant ID of the brand! Every season I’m looking forward to see the next trench coat most have style!

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