Month: May 2014

“Eau de Chanel”


Coco Chanel:
Founded in the early 1900s, a young orphan girl who was abandoned by her father set out to make a different in a world dominated by the male gender. With woman being dressed in tight corsets, long peasant dresses, and big hats. Gabrielle Bonhuer Chanel wanted to be remembered in an era where only few woman had made a difference. She decided to open a small shop in 1921 in a little French district, usually only getting business from working girls. She never gave up and with the help of her then husband, she traveled the neighboring countries setting out to find the new age of clothing. And thus began Chanel…


Bleu de Chanel:

“Eau de Chanel” is a French term commonly used by the legendary french couturière herself Coco Chanel describing her perfume
No.5. Since the Early 1920s, No.5 has been taking the world by storm and soon became the best selling top of the line perfume of the century. The newest product out of the House of Chanel is “Bleu de Chanel” a new cologne the brother to the luxurious No.5. Being only a few years old, Bleu de Chanel is already a best seller and in the top 5 for male fragrances. Like everything Chanel has put on the table, this cologne is soon to be iconic like No.5. “Chanel the Enternal.”

In my opinion anything that can last almost 100 years and still be claimed iconic is worth checking into. Chanel has immortalized herself not only in her clothing that started a new era, but her iconic No.5 perfume. Bleu de Chanel has been and will forever be my favorite cologne it is timeless and can be worn on any occasion.

Credits by: Chanel

Top 3 Summer Looks for Guys


Coco Chanel once said “Comfort is Luxury” and what is a better form of the two than a nice pair of Boat shoes. They range from Vans to the more prominent Sperry’s which have been wore by celebrities all over the globe from Kanye West to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Credit: Sperry


Polo’s are a rather simple item that is comfortable as well as versatile. Polo’s are found in small name brands such as Old Navy or GAP to larger brand names like Ralph Lauren or Lacoste. Polo’s are quite easy to mesh with a nice pair of shorts or jeans/khakis and they work well with just about any look and any scene.


Credit: Ralph Lauren, Zara, Express, Lacoste


Summertime is a great time to begin exercising; activities such as swimming, biking, and hiking are common for this time of year. Why not look good while working out? And even if you’re not into running, a simple walk in the park can still be a stylish way to get in shape. My personal favorites are Nike and Under Armour for active wear apparel. I prefer the brand Hurley for swim wear because of the comfort and very tasteful fit.


Credit: Hurley, Nike, Under Armour

Summer Playlist 2014: Part 2


Summertime 2014 Music Playlist- Electro/Techno/Trap/Dubstep/Remix:
(Song titles are links….enjoy!)

Gent & Jawns- Turn Up
Superbus- All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)
Mitis (feat. Anna Yvette)- Open Window
Seven Lions- Below Us (Smooth Remix)
Young London-
Vicetone- Heartbeat (DMNDZ Remix)
Juventa- Move Into the Light (Koven Remix)
The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)
Thomas Newson (feat. Angelika Vee)- Don’t Hold Us
3LAU (feat. Bright Lights)- How You Love Me

Summer Playlist 2014: Part 1


Summertime 2014 Music Playlist:
(Song titles are links….enjoy!)

Neon Trees- Sleeping With a Friend
Bad Suns- Cardiac Arrest
Sky Full of Stars
Devin K-Rendezvous
Jillian Edwards- Daydream
Morning Parade- Headlights
Peter Broderick- And Its Alright
RAC (feat. Matthew Koma)-
Cheap Sunglasses
Radical Something-
Say Yes
The Royal Concept- On Our Way
Small Pools- Over & Over
Timeflies (feat. Katie Sky)- Monsters

Its Your Space…Make it Your Own

For my last post of the night I am going to show you a few things I feel spruce up a room
as well as show a more grown up and tasteful way of presenting yourself and who you are via your space.
I prefer a refined but modern look; simplicity seems to be timeless & endless virtue.
A Luxury Futon:
Yes, a futon seems like a sort of unneeded luxury, but you would be surprised at how well a good futon can give a room a comfortable and homey feel.
A Basic Feel:
Below you will see a very nice and extremely modern business-like room
with tons of luxuries and appeal which will grab your guests attention.

Modern Closets:
If you want a simple but sophisticated closet and don’t want to spend a fortune,
IKEA is a Swedish furniture brand which has amazing things for a very modern home.
Although they have very amazing stuff, the price tags will amaze you even more…
They are surprisingly affordable and you get a lot of quality for less cash!

A Little Bit About my Life

Right now I’ll take some time to talk about the people in my life who have been nothing but amazing and great to me over the years

my family

These Goofballs
Have always been there for me and have never given me a dull moment at home sure we fight and argue but I couldn’t ask for a better bunch. They have always been inspiring me to do better with myself and are there to push me even further for that I can’t thank them enough.


The greatest
This girl has gone above and beyond to make me smile and laugh like nobody’s business she will be featured a lot on this blog and she is Someone anyone would be lucky to call a friend and I am so blessed to have her as mine. She and I met last summer and became inseparable every since her family is now my second away from home and she is one of the main reasons I got into clothes and style without her I’d be a dreamer and be scared to make this but she is the confidence I have always needed and she has no idea how much that has meant to me!

stay tuned for more