Looks Like Louie

Louis Vuitton- The Designer:


One of the leading fashion houses in the world, Louis Vuitton proves to be an amazing company. It was founded in 1854 by businessman and designer, Louis Vuitton. Vuitton traveled to Paris as a teenager and began a career as a box-maker and packer. After just a few years, he was able to make a name for himself for his craft. He was hired under Eugenie de Montijo, who was the Empress of France as well as the Emperor of the French Napoleon III’s wife, as a her personal box-maker and packer. This job launched Louis Vuitton’s name into the royal and elite crowd. After opening his own shop in 1854, he produced his own line of rectangular shaped trunks in 1858. The brand then expanded beyond Paris and other designers began to copy the style. Louis Vuitton died on February 27th, 1892 and his son Georges Vuitton took over the company.

Louis Vuitton- The Fashion House:

“One thing that is exciting about fashion is the surprise element. People don’t know what they want. They just know it when they see it.” – Marc Jacobs, former Louis Vuitton Artistic Director


Louis Vuitton Malletier is a French fashion house founded in 1854 and is still successful today. The monogram LV is used on the majority of Louis Vuitton products, ranging from luggage, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and sunglasses. From 2006-2012, the brand was named the world’s most valuable luxury brand. The brand valued over 28 billion dollars in 2013. The use of brown and beige designs began in 1876 for the company. The first store was opened in London in 1885. Georges Vuitton broadened the company to become worldwide. In 1913, the largest travel-goods store in the world (at the time) called the Louis Vuitton Building was opened in Paris. From there, stores opened in New York, Washington, London, and Buenos Aires. The company came out with different bags such as the Steamer Bag, the Keepall bag, the Noé bag, and the Speedy bag. In 1936, Gaston-Louis Vuitton took over the company when his father passed. During World War II, French journalist Stephanie Bonvicini authored the book Louis Vuitton, A French Saga. The book wasn’t released until 2004. Starting in the 1900s, the brand started using leather in its products. The Monogram Canvas in 1959 was remodeled. The popular Papillon was launched in 1966 and is still popular. In 1978, Louis Vuitton opened stores in Japan. A store in South Korea was opened in 1984 and the Epi leather line began in 1985. The creation of LVMH happened in 1987. By 1989, the brand had over 130 stores worldwide. Yves Carcelle became the president of LV in the early 1990s and then the company expanded more into China. The Taiga leather line launched in 1993 and the literature collection of Voyager Avec… in 1994. The Centennial of the Monogram Canvas was held in a number of cities around the globe in 1996. Marc Jacobs was named Artistic Director in 1997. The next year, he introduced the first line of mens and womens clothing. The first African store opened in 2000. In 2001, Marc Jacobs worked with Stephen Sprouse on limited edition graffiti bags and in the same year, Jacobs designed the first piece of jewelry, a charm bracelet, for Louis Vuitton. The Tambour watch collection was designed in 2002. Marc Jacobs also worked with Takashi Murakami on the new Monogram Multicolore canvas which includes accessories and handbags. Murakami introduced the Cherry Blossom pattern as well. Also in 2003, stores opened in India and Russia. Stores were also opened on Fifth Avenue in NYC, in Mexico City, Cancun, and Johannesburg. The Damier Graphite canvas was released in 2008. Kim Jones became the head designer for menswear in 2011. The first Island Maison of Louis Vuitton was opened in Singapore in 2011. Darren Spaziani is the head of the accessories collection as of 2013, and Nicolas Ghesquière replaced Marc Jacobs the same year. Louis Vuitton is the world’s 29th most valuable brand. It is also one of the world’s most copied brands. Louis Vuitton luggage is still hand-made even today. The first LV airport store opened in 2011 at the Seoul Incheon International airport. Louis Vuitton marketing campaigns include stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Angelia Jolie, and David Bowie. The Louis Vuitton company will continue expanded and rising in the fashion industry.





Credit: Louis Vuitton



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