Sunshine Award

Thank you:

What an exciting nomination! As you hopefully already know, I’m Cameron and I’m honored to be nominated for the Sunshine Award. Thank you goes to Angela for my nomination. Her blog, Secondhand Honeymoon, is really awesome. It’s really great to find someone else who is interested in fashion and style, such as myself, and Angela is the perfect thrift-shopping girl. Her outfits are chic and classy, with a refreshing vintage twist. Some of my favorite outfits can be found here, here, and here. Go check out Angela’s site!

Now for the Sunshine Award rules:


The award logo (pictured above) should be displayed on your blog
Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you (thanks again, Angela!) and link their site
Express seven random and unique facts about yourselfNominate other bloggers you admire (up to 15) and share 7this award
Tell chosen bloggers about their nomination from you

Seven Facts about Myself:

1. I’m addicted to iTunes and love searching for new music.
2. I have a great relationship with…my phone. (Yes, I know, don’t judge me)
3. I love movies, especially horror ones.
4. I like the combination of black and white, which is often shown on my site.
5. I absolutely love Ellie Goulding, especially since she is my future wife…
6. To put it bluntly, I think Coco Chanel is a total badass.
7. I’m obsessed with Norway. I think they’re always such happy people and I can’t wait to travel there.


The following blogs are some of my favorite, and they are in no certain order— Alligator Toe, Keep Calm and Remember, Closet Bouquets, Thoughts from Jessica, Stray Cat, Justa Local Store, Spruce and Sage, and Absolutely Feminine!


  1. Thanks for the follow! And congrats on the blogging award. I too think highly of Chanel, but I also am terribly find of the pieces put out by YSL and Akris. I’m following back, per request; see you around the fashion blogosphere!

  2. Awww thanks for the nomination! It made my day! I’ll post about my nominations and my facts soon! Thank you again for thinking of me!

  3. Just wanted to mention that I was just poking around and noticed your #7. My husband and I are hosting a Norwegian exchange student this year and we can’t wait to go visit next year! Sounds like such a fantastic place.

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