Month: August 2014

Cheap Monday


Swedish founders Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg created a brand in Stockholm that is sweeping the fashion world. Cheap Monday was founded in 2000.. The first store was titled Weekday and was only open on Sundays, leading to it’s current name of Cheap Monday. The company focuses on quirky and eccentric designs. Originally the brand centered on jeans and denim. Their success started with the “Tight” jeans style, which were fitted jeans that were fashionable and sold at a good price. For both men and women, Cheap Monday clothing includes coats, jackets, shirts, shoes, shorts, and trousers. They also sell accessories and swimwear, along with a children’s line. Ann-Sofie Back is the creative director. Stores such as Barneys and Urban Outfitters sell the brand. Some Cheap Monday stores can be found in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Beijing. There are stores in over 35 countries. The Cheap Monday logo has a recognizable skull. H&M is now starting to acquire the company.

Men’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection:


Women’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection:


Baby Collection:


Credit: Cheap Monday

THREADS: My Looks for Autumn

I enjoy the autumn and winter style scenes. Due to all the layers and styles Autumn is a power house of several styles coming together for a season! Today I am going to share some of the items I plan on purchasing this season!


Styles of The Season




Send me your Favorite styles!


Future Buys, 2014
Today I am going to do a rather short post on the New 2014 Express Menswear! I have worn Express clothing for about 4 years now and I like the majority of their styles! This being said, I would now like to show you my favorites of the new  ’14 looks for fall/winter! I hope you all enjoy and let me know which shirts are your favorites!! I want my followers to help style me for the new collection so let me know in the comments section!!