Month: September 2014

The Life of Cameron:

Alright so I am going to try something different today and give some of my Threads fans a little bit of insight into my life. Lots of people ask where I get my inspirations from and my style choices so I hope to inform all of you.

Well first off my name is Cameron Goodwin I am 22 years old I grew up in a small town and have the coolest family on the planet!
Throw back

Of my mom and I on her wedding day
Personal Life:
I am the oldest of 3 siblings whom are like having 2 best friends in the house with you daily.
Little Jerry

This goofball is my Brother Jerry, he is by far the smartest 11 year old I’ve ever met. I honestly envy this kid. He is beyond talented naturally and does very well at whatever he sets his mind too.

The Middle Child,Aka my Second Mother! She always keeps me in check even when I don’t want her too! She is definitely the spoiled princess of the family and trust me she knows it.!


Finally this is the furball of the family! She is soon to be 3 years old she is a Chihuahua and Fox terrier mix and she is my child! Brielle like any dog is there when you need them and she is the best form of Happiness!

My Second Life:
The Friends!


Denni is My wild and crazy best friend whom I wouldn’t change for the world! She has helped me succeed with Threads as well as anything I have ever set my mind too!! We do literally everything together from video games to figuring out how to make cake pops! We went from meeting at the Purge Premiere to becoming inseparable in a single summer!

I am currently enrolled at California University of Pennsylvania. So far I have been living the dream with the Phi Sigma Pi Frat crew as well as being around my best friends everyday!




My inspiration:

My influence comes from several different things! I really like the Chanel Icons Coco and Karl. Both are complete geniuses and seem to always be a step ahead!

My inspiration also comes from my Grandparents who are so humble and have been together for 50 years! Both so classic and tasteful and have such personalty and charm they are simply the Greatest!

🙂 thank you for the read! Have a good day

Here’s to a night out!

Here's to a night out!


Hello everyone I am so sorry I’ve been so super busy with things lately. However I am not going to take you all to the world of iphone addiction. A lot of people have asked me what I have on my cell for entertainment. So I figured I’ll make a blog post out of it!!

Obviously I am a compulsive blogger I love to get all the news and trends from all my followers! WordPress app is amazing especially for blogging on the go!


Vine is my pick for “how to waste several hours with out trying app”! I absolutely love it just because of all the great entertainment ,and how creative people can be with just 7 seconds.


I am a rather huge music addict and if I hear a song I like its an instant sound hound to figure the artist,album,and song title! Greatest invention ever to keep ahead of the global music market!

Forbes Magazine:

How do you all think I keep up with the latest and greatest. I love Forbes magazine to begin with but when I can take it everywhere why not.

YIK Yak:

When your a university kid it doesn’t take much for you to be entertained but with Yik Yak you can read/ write everything without anyone knowing who it’s from. So you can check out what your classmates are saying within a general area and have a good laugh!


Haha feeding my shopping habit. With really awesome Italian Clothing without the Italian sized price tag!


Keeping up with The Magazines,Celebs,Companies,Friends from across the pond! Business is actually pleasure on Twitter!

Plague Inc.

Yes I do have this game and yes I do love this game! I tend to get bored at work or even during a really ugly day so what do you do. Apparently plague the earth with random illnesses and enjoy it! Haha

Touch Of Modern:

My little guilty pleasure I like the newest and the best of anything so touch of modern is my App of choice!So check it out because you’ll never get bored of all the new things!

I have ALOTmore but those are the ones I use the most!
Let me know some of your favorite apps!
Have a good day EVERYONE!

Working out

Working out

Fall 2014… Tis the Season

Fall 2014... Tis the Season

Alexander Wang clothing
$235 –

Burberry scarve

Barts beanie hat
$33 –

Jules B Antoine Marine Peacoat
$485 –

Felt table runner

Less Than A Month Away!

I am reviewing some of the Articles that are involved with the magazine coming out in October! They are going to look so classic and sophisticated due to the absolutely amazing team
Working on and with the magazine!
Now to Show Case the D’Office


I am extremely pleased that Sarah of D’office thought of me when she made this really amazing and prestigious looking suit!!
What to do you all think?

THREADS:Modern Home Decor

Good Morning WordPress World! Today I am going to give you all a Touch of Modern design for your homes. From Furnitures to new modern tools and devices!! So I hope you enjoy and maybe see something you have been working for!

A Modern Day Clock who lights up the time,date and Temperature simply by touching the bedside table no more struggling for your smart phone in the Morning plus let’s face it,ITS PRETTY COOL!
The Anywhere Fire
Broadway Class Model:

These are the best forms of luxury fires especially this winter season! Think no installation, chimney or gas, just clean burning Eco friendly fires that will make any room tasteful. With a clear case and a curved look it will always stay above the style and ensure its timelessness.
White on White

Outfitted with a 24 clock display as well as a brightness adjustment according to the time zone from Ambient In the morning, Bold in the Afternoon, and Dim at night!
which is your favorite?
I hope you liked If you would like to purchase any of these items! Download the Touch of Modern iphone or Android App!

Plans for Autumn:

Hello everyone I skipped a day of blogging giving myself a day to relax a little bit.
Since is it September
I figured I would talk about some of my plans for this Autumn season
Lord Hughes Luxury

Lord Hughes is a luxury brand stationed in the UK. Started off as the Co Founder and Managing Partner who is clearly making a name for himself. I am honored to say I am currently collaborating with him as well as featuring him in the October Magazine.
D’Office Threads Magazine!
October 20th! Check it out!

This is beyond amazing to be working with so many great bloggers as well as celebrities athletes and companies!
Sarah and I have been working together for several months now and it’s becoming something pretty amazing! Together we have started a male lifestyle magazine for gents who wish to show class and style. Ladies always a good idea to check out what’s new for your guy and to get ideas for the holidays!

Burberry SS14

Burberry has just released the Spring/Summer 2015 collection for men and women in London. Crazy patterns of flowers, insects, and book cover designs lit up the runway. Silk, satin, and bursts of vibrant colors were featured in the Burberry Prorsum show too, along with the notable Bee bag. James Bay, a British musician known for working with Burberry, performed during the womenswear show. Ladies can look forward to two new shades of nail polish offered until September 29th online from the brand. Personalized tags are also offered online until the 29th of September. Famous names like Cara Delevingne, Paloma Faith, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Anna Wintour, Mario Testino, and Olivia Palermo were seen at the show. Models such as Malaika Firth and Suki Waterhouse walked in the womenswear show. The Burberry Prorsum show ended with rave reviews.




Inspiration for the menswear comes from British writer Bruce Chatwin. Illustrations, typographic prints, and book covers are featured for the Burberry collection. Dusty and faded colors were used on the clothing for the show. Cashmere, denim, leather, shirts, and satchels were all seen walking down the runway for the menswear collection. Personalized tags for jackets, bags, and coats can all be purchased until June 24th. Benjamin Clementine performed during the show.


Credit: Burberry