Break time:

Hello to all my Threads Followers!
I definitely needed a little break from the blogging life for a day or so! So with that being said I would now like to give you all a preview of my mid week/weekend endeavors.
First off:
Since it is the season for Screams and Halloween. My group of College friends decided to take a drive to see this beauty on her silver screen debut.

It was not actually that terrible considering the conjuring make me laugh!
I finally got to go spend some money on myself and get ready for winter!
I bought an imported Canadian Scarf from LE31

Very warm & Comfortable.
I also Purchased a new North Face Thermal Winterized Jacket definitely worth every penny!!

I made it back where I laid in bed and relaxed to Finish my Day!!


Now we are Back to Planning More!exciting things for all of you to enjoy!

Hope you all have a Great week! Be back tomorrow!

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