Threads:A Challenge

I was asked By a Miss Emma Carter of WE WORK to take a fashion challenge. I was invited to do a Fashion Forward Design your own Dream Team Event. Which I am thankful for and I would like to give my style advice and my Favorite Designer Dream Team a much need shout out!
The Team:
I prefer if I am in a challenge to have the best and most skilled team around. Ps Sorry McQueen & Yves still legends though!

Starting from the Top:
Yves Saint Laurent: if you haven’t Heard of YSL im convinced you were living in a cave! Strong designer who’s legend still lives on and so does his amazing visions!
Fluer Deforce:
YouTube sensation who would most definitely be the eye of style and modern fabrics! She is absolutely brilliant and is one of my idols for doing what I enjoy!
Tom Ford:
“I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well” -Tom Ford most definitely a signature for the American World and Now leaves his mark all over the Globe!
Alexander McQueen
RIP to one of the most artistic and shocking fashion designers the world has ever seen! Mr.McQueen has designed for some of the greatest artists known to music!
Karl Lagerfeld:
The genius behind Chanel,Fendi and his own signature Karl lines! At 84 years old Mr. Lagerfeld has no plans of slowing down! So with that He deserves to be leader of My team!
Oliver Roustieng
At 27 years old Oliver took over as creative director of Balmain Paris! Sitting at the top of Balmain’s HQ for 5 seasons now! Force to be reckoned with!


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