Threads: Houzz!

Well today since it is less than 3 months until I Move into Vulcan Village at California university of Pennsylvania I would like to show you a helpful app to pick things that are perfect for your room!
This amazing App was actually shown to me by a very ingenious friend of mine from The UK. She now has me addicted and I can’t wait to start shopping for it!
Houzz is a basic Interior decorating designing app! I like how you can pick from various themes and styles for your room! I myself am a black and white kind of person! I enjoy the monochrome as well as the modern boxed style looks. So I will figured I will show you some of my favorites!






  1. I have been all of it for a little while now. Love it! They’ve just released an Oz version last week or so too. Brilliant! Great showcase for designers, stylists and architects.

  2. My bedroom is all black and white with Audrey Hepburn & NY prints I cal it my Chanel inspired room 🙂

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