Threads:Top Winter Necessities

Hello everyone and Happy Monday.
I hope everyone is having a great first day. I am enjoying my 4 day vacation from the working life!!
My First Giveaway…That’s all I’m saying! ☺️
Okay so November is soon on its way and I am honestly excited! I have a rather amazing surprise for all of my awesome readers/fans! Unfortunately you will have to wait until November but it will definitely be beyond worth it!
For now I am going to show you some of my Top Winter Necessities of 2014

The Beanie.
The simple Bundle of Fabric you wear on your head right? Well actually depending on what you are wearing,your head shape, and the Fabric involved a beanie can make or break a look! So before just putting on whatever you feel you want for the day always take note of what you are wearing as well!
I myself prefer the billed Cap beanies my favorite is from Express.


The Jacket:

The outermost piece of clothing which is the first thing most people see. I myself prefer the mono black jacket as everything I usually wear is designer or Monochrome which always works extremely well with a simple black jacket.

The Scarf.

Men are very iffy about scarves as most are either not there cup of tea on style or some just don’t like things around their necks. Scarves are actually a very functional yet stylist piece of clothing. They make you look sophisticated and Tasteful without being over the top and unnecessary. Examples are .JayZ,Kanye West,and Zac Efron.David Beckham


The Boots.

Ok I will be completely honest as a style and fashion blogger I do not own boots! Snowboard boots yes I do own a pair but unfortunately I can not seem to find a pair I actually enjoy to wear constantly! I am a canvas shoe kinda guy especially since they now make winterized ones!! However boots are a key point to many a mans wardrobe and If I ever find a pair I absolutely need I will be sure to post them for the world to see!!

The Sweaters/Sweatshirts:

Tis the Season for freezing my friends and with that being said its time for Sweater Weather! I think I would live in my sweatshirts if I could! They are always in style and always the best form of comfort! You can always layer them with a nice polo or a favorite T-shirt which ever suits you well!

I hope you enjoy!
And stay tuned!!….


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