Month: October 2014

H.E by Mango Winter Campaign 2014

The Affordable Luxury Euro Brand with their fantastic Apparel and collections.

H.E. By Mango is now starting its all Winter Style Campaign which is looking extremely well for the upcoming season! I can’t wait to purchase some of the items myself maybe a new Mens Mango Haul coming in the future!
Some of my Favorite Pieces:

Grey H.E. technical Peacoat:$119
“Whatever” Jumper:$54
Graphic Nature Tshirt:$18
Autumn Made Button down shirt:$40
Crawlneck Collar Sweater:$55
Knit stitched backpack:$70

Knitted & Fitted:

October is the best month for Sweaters, Cardigans and Hoodies! Tis the Season for Haunted Houses and Group Trips! So why not look great with layers and styles all meshing together. So today I will show you some of my favorite Sweaters from I am also a proud member of the ASOS app which is probably the great app I have ever downloaded!

My New Addiction.





PePe Shawl Knit Jumper-$142
Jack Wills Instarsia Jumper-$132
Jack & Jones Jumper-$85
Esprit Triangle Jacquard Jumper-$74
G-Star shawl Aero hoodie-$180

Break time:

Hello to all my Threads Followers!
I definitely needed a little break from the blogging life for a day or so! So with that being said I would now like to give you all a preview of my mid week/weekend endeavors.
First off:
Since it is the season for Screams and Halloween. My group of College friends decided to take a drive to see this beauty on her silver screen debut.

It was not actually that terrible considering the conjuring make me laugh!
I finally got to go spend some money on myself and get ready for winter!
I bought an imported Canadian Scarf from LE31

Very warm & Comfortable.
I also Purchased a new North Face Thermal Winterized Jacket definitely worth every penny!!

I made it back where I laid in bed and relaxed to Finish my Day!!


Now we are Back to Planning More!exciting things for all of you to enjoy!

Hope you all have a Great week! Be back tomorrow!

Luxury: Lifestyle

Luxury: Lifestyle

Express: VIP Haul 2014

In honor of the VIP after hours shopping Party for Express Tomorrow night I am showing off some of my recently purchased express apparel.
I absolutely can’t wait to be apart of the sales and deals tomorrow during the event! Hope you enjoy:


Signature Look:
Royal Blue: Modern Fit Polo


Tuxedo Fit:Button Down Shirt


Express:Rocco Slim Fit Jeans
Matched with: Winterized Toms


Royal Slub:Long Sleeve Tshirts


Fitted:Royal Lion Signature Hoodie

Polos:$49.90 Each.
Long sleeve Ts-$45 each.
Button Down Shirt-$60

Pierre Cardin

Venezia, 03/11/2009. Pierre Cardin,

Pietro Cardin, now known as the French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, has made his brand The House of Cardin an international success. Even though he was born near Treviso, Italy, Cardin completed his schooling in France. He was an apprentice for a clothing company starting at the age of 14. Then in 1939 he expanded his expertise to making suits for women. During the second World War, he worked with Red Cross and still to this day continues with his humanitarian interests. After the war, Cardin moved to Paris and started working for Paquin. He then moved to become head tailleure atelier for Christian Dior in 1947. The House of Cardin was founded in 1950. In 1959, he was the first to express Japan as a high fashion market. He created the “Espace Cardin” which opened in 1971. The space showed not only Cardin’s own collections, but featured theatre ensembles, music artists, and other artistic talents. The Pakistan International Airlines signed Cardin to design uniforms for their flag carriers during the 1960s. In 1971, he redesigned the national costume of the Philippines called the Barong Tagalog. Also in the 1970s, Cardin signed with American Motors Corporation (AMC) and his designs were featured in the AMC Javelin. Cardin’s interest in geometric shapes is shown in his clothing designs as well as the creation of his Le Palais Bulles (The Bubble House). In the 1980s, he chained restaurants and hotels titled Maxim’s. His biography was written by Sylvana Lorenz, named Biographie de Pierre Cardin. In 1991, he was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. Later in 2009, Cardin was nominated the Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Cardin is now 92 years old.


Pierre Cardin’s fashion designs are unique. They include his interest in geometric shapes, his Space Age designs, an avant-garde style, and unisex styles. He often excludes the female form in his clothing. In 1954, Cardin introduced the “bubble dress.”

Fashion156-PierreCardin-SS13-3 Fotor01002143434 Fotor01002143530piere-cardinFotor01002144217

Credit: Pierre Cardin

Carlos Miele – M.Officer



Carlos Miele is a fashion designer from Brazil who is making himself known worldwide. He has his clothing in over 30 countries in the world. He is based in Sao, Paulo, in Brazil and established his label in 2002. His first flagship shop was in New York. He attended school at Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil. 2006 brought about his Miele label, which offered casual and ready-to-wear designs for women. Miele also has a line of denim. He is a self-trained clothing designer who also has an interest in cinema and architecture. Carlos Miele uses dynamic colors and vivacious prints along with his Brazilian roots to influence his designs which are now sweeping the world.


Naomi+Campbell+Eve+Carlos+Miele+Fall+2004+B1MJrEMq97MlFotor0100115351 Fotor01001153928



M.Officer is the newest label by Carlos Miele. For two years, it was titled by Alshop the award of “best female jeanswear brand in Brazil.” M.Officer has models like Gisele Bundchen and Isabelli Fonatana representing the company. The company carries clothing for both men and women.


Autumn/Winter 2014 M.Officer Campaign:


For Him:

Fotor0100115118 Fotor01001151143 Fotor01001151213 Fotor01001151245

For Her:

Fotor01001151746 Fotor01001151821 Fotor01001151851 Fotor01001151919

Credit: M.Officer