Since I am on vacation at Put-In-Bay I figured it would be a great time to hear from all or you! Yes I am taking a ton of pictures from my trip and I will be sharing with everyone! But for now I am expecting a ton of questions keep me entertained!! Leave a comment under this post the follow up with be next!! Have a great day-THREADS
you guys are awesome!!

T H R E A D S : Q&A

How did you decide to go into blogging?
Actually I became inspired after looking at international style and I came across Norway which blogging is rather large and so I began to read with the help of google translate and I enjoyed the layout and the mood if it all it’s a good get away sometimes!
When did I become interested in fashion?
YOUNG actually see when I was a kid I had this very large obsession with what was in and popular at the time such as Nike and Adidas and as I got older it became more and more progressive and then it just started to grow and now I’m all about the worlds clothing!
What is it that you love about style?
I personally like how it never stays the same trends change vastly and I like a good challenge to stay ahead of the game style is forever but clothing and trends change rapidly!
Who is my favorite Designer/fashion house?
Currently I am really into Zara due to the amazing quality and not the insane price tag but the thing is my interest changes constantly I just enjoy the vastness of it all!
If I could shop at one designer what would it be?
You guys put me on the spot here haha! I think if I had to pick anywhere I’d have to go Balmain it’s a pretty amazing store with a great design feel and it is very different keeps things interesting!but trust me that can change any day haha
How do I feel about black and brown being worn together?
All depends on the tone of the brown light brown shouldn’t be awful dark with dark is never a good idea unless black on black which is sometimes extremely good! But in my opinion I don’t wear brown with black!
What would I consider a fashion faux pas for older women?
Okay with age women should dress more comfortable I don’t think anyone would like to see an elderly woman wearing 6 inch heels and dressing like she is in her twenties. Dress more to your figure and less to impress. Age is a time to dress casual and classy!
Do you incorporate costume jewelry in your style?
I don’t mainly because I’m not of the era I see people who can rock the costume wear I however am not that person if you can rock it you absolutely should!
Who would I choose as the next designer for Chanel?
Is Karl retiring?! Haha geez I honestly have never thought about it there a thousands of aspiring artist out there who would love to take a shot at one of the top clothing houses! I will get to you on that!
Going to Italy , how to not stick out?
Italy! Known for the Italian fashion and lifestyle is actually rather casual they enjoy the leather look but with it being hot I’d stay clear so honestly dress comfortable and confident PS Italians like tourist!!
Bottoms to wear for shorter and curvier women?
Bottoms for curvier women is a problem I see a lot of women face and it isn’t really a easy thing to answer but what I can say is My best Friend Denni is a shorter girl who has curves too and she can rock shorts dresses and jeans she shops at great stores and she keeps herself up and it is all about confidence see if you like those shorts that skirt or those jeans you buy them because it’s what you like and for style wise I’ll post a picture


Thank you for all those awesome questions I hope to do this again!!