Threads: VMA Style Police!

The video music awards(VMA) ceremony was held last night and this is peak time to check celebrity looks and styles. So today I am always looking at my viewers and fans for their opinions. I would like to ask you all to be the style police and name the worst and best dressed celebs. I would like you all to use my comment box section to tell me whom you think had the best style of the night.
to judge as you please.

(Chris brown , Usher , Nick Jonas )

(Beyoncé, Katy Perry , Kim Kardashian)

(Jennifer Lopez , Miley Cyrus , Iggy Azalea)

(Taylor Swift , Katherine McNamara ,Demi Lovato)

(Adam Lavigne, Ed Sheeran , Gregg Sulkin )

(Charlie Xcx , Alexandria Shipp, Becky G)

I can’t wait to hear from all of you !!!
If you want to know about any styles feel free to ask
Have a great day everyone!

La Casa di Armani

The Italian Mastermind:

Said to be the “most successful designer to come out of Italy,” Giorgio Armani is no less of a triumphant fashion designer who is known internationally. After attending school for some time, joining the army, and being a window dresser at a department store in Milan, Armani became a well-known menswear designer. He was acknowledged worldwide from his runway shows and designs and was then able to found Giorgio Armani S.p.A in Milan in 1975. He founded the Giorgio Armani Corporation in 1979 which also began sales in the United States.  Armani now produces plenty of products including men and womenswear, underwear, swimwear, perfumes/colognes, other accessories and even the Giorgio Armani phone. Armani also has designed clothing for a large number of movies, such as the 1987 film “The Untouchables.” He was also the first designer that banned models with a BMI under 18. He also has worked closely with pop star Lady Gaga. Armani takes a big interest in sports; he designed Italy’s Olympic uniforms for the Summer 2012 Olympics. His famous, and one of my personal favorite colognes, is the Aqua di Gio by Armani. Giorgio Armani is a role model of mine and will still be extraordinary in the fashion industry (even being almost 80 years old!)

Celebrity Relationships:



World famous cologne:
Aqua di Gio


Credit: Armani