Accessorize By East Dane

Good Morning!
Today I’m going to show you some of the absolutely awesome East Dane
They provide EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need from Shaving Products to Amazing little house warming gifts!
My Favorites:

Baxter of California Shave Brush:
I have always wanted a Shave Brush I couldn’t ever find one that looks classic and has great feel but this brush has an Amazing Silver tip on the brush itself! Be sure to check out this and many Other great Accessories!!

Ray Bans
The Classic Glasses who have since become international icons worn by celebrities all over the Globe!! East Dane has some Amazing Choice Sunglasses!

Marc By Marc Jacobs
It’s mark Jacobs need we say more? I am also going to compulsively start visiting the Tech Side of the Accessories Because I honestly had no clue some of this stuff existed!!

Let me know of your favorites in the comment section below. Alsohave a great day everyone!