Royal Family,Royal Style:

Royal Looks
Come From a Royal Designer
Today I was inspired by a WORLD class family which are not only the faces of the UK but are the faces of the latest in class and style.
Family Affair:

Queen Elizabeth II

What is she the queen of England? Yes actually… Reigning for 60 years the 88 year old royal has became the leader of 16 countries as well as an Icon!
Agyness Deyn from D&G used the Queen for her Fashion inspiration basing an entire collection on her signature gloves,headscarves,pearl necklaces, and block colors. The Queen has a very comfortable look with her marching hats and clothing. Monarchs have such great taste with clothing

Dutchess Kate Middleton
Royal Mother & Modern Icon

Katherine has always been praised for her well put together style as well as her humble ways. She has been seen in jeans and a plain tshirt shopping for groceries with the common folk to a expensive peacoat and tailor made dress. She has been lately sharing the spotlight with Kim Kardashian due to both being extremely popular in the states! She is currently awaiting her second baby and she still looks amazing!

Prince William
Soon to be King!

The soon to be king and one of my style inspirations has been taking the world by storm. Since his mother passing in 97 prince William has always in the spotlight! William usually keeps it classic casual with the basic polo and nice suit jacket and a tailored suits as well. William and Kate have been inseparable since university and are still very much inseparable! William enjoys setting his sights on great charities as well as school and sporting events.

Prince Harry
The wild one.

Prince Harry the bother of William and youngest son of Princess Diana. Harry is an active member of the UK military and with charity events. Harry has been all over magazines for his nude antics as well as his wild partying days. Harry however has since changed his life greatly and is now becoming a good face for his already classy family. Harry tends to style his looks for comfort rather than class which Is always a great look on him. Keep it casual Harry!

Princess Diana
Trend setter gone too soon


Princess Diana, a legend herself and was far ahead of her time. Diana was said to be the biggest icon since Monroe and still is compared to this day to many modern icons. Diana was all over magazines for her signature looks and classic style. She was a rough and tough princess who wasn’t afraid to get dirty. People adored her for just being herself and never letting the royal life change her.


THREADS: Reaches 2k


Today my blog has reached 2000 followers in a little over a month which is a pretty amazing goal reached! I started Threads in late May and today marks the day! I am so grateful to have the followers I do as well as the Apparel companies I am collaborating with!! Next goal is 5000 Thread Heads!
Thank you’s:
Currently I am teaming up with some wonderful people, but I would be nothing with out all of you and your support! Thank you kindly Followers and have a lovely night! Stay tuned i plan on keeping this going! Enjoy your week stay classy and goodnight my fellow Threads followers!

JUNE: Put-In-Bay Vacation

Today was a fantastic day at Put-In-Bay (PIB) we rented a Cart for the day which didn’t go exactly uh… Fast but managed to catch some sun as well as some pretty amazing sites! So today I am going to make a Post of Denni (my amazing publicist/best friend’s) day At Put In Bay!
The Boat:
Put-In-Bay Miller Ferry
The Put-In-Bay Miller Ferry took us from the main land to the island took about a half hour but the view and the water was so amazing! Totally worth it!

<a href="”>20140628-212738-77258148.jpg

The Blu Luna
Looking at PIB you would think it’s a rather laid back summer styled place with a very relaxed feel. Well today being my normal ridiculous self I decided to pick probably the most expensive place on the entire island to eat breakfast! 11 dollars for two pancakes has never tasted so good! 🙂


The Sites:
Things to check out!






Perry’s Monument
Wicked Crazy to see Canada
The monument for the Battle of Erie with was pretty incredible! We waited since 8:00am till 10 just to get into it but it was well worth it!! Very cool it’s about 30 stories high and you can see Canada from the top In the Distance!!






Denni and I being stupid


It was beyond an amazing day and I can not wait to go back soon!! For now it’s time to get some much needed rest and Aloe…Red head in the Sun.. Bad idea –Goodnight!