The Life of Cameron:

Alright so I am going to try something different today and give some of my Threads fans a little bit of insight into my life. Lots of people ask where I get my inspirations from and my style choices so I hope to inform all of you.

Well first off my name is Cameron Goodwin I am 22 years old I grew up in a small town and have the coolest family on the planet!
Throw back

Of my mom and I on her wedding day
Personal Life:
I am the oldest of 3 siblings whom are like having 2 best friends in the house with you daily.
Little Jerry

This goofball is my Brother Jerry, he is by far the smartest 11 year old I’ve ever met. I honestly envy this kid. He is beyond talented naturally and does very well at whatever he sets his mind too.

The Middle Child,Aka my Second Mother! She always keeps me in check even when I don’t want her too! She is definitely the spoiled princess of the family and trust me she knows it.!


Finally this is the furball of the family! She is soon to be 3 years old she is a Chihuahua and Fox terrier mix and she is my child! Brielle like any dog is there when you need them and she is the best form of Happiness!

My Second Life:
The Friends!


Denni is My wild and crazy best friend whom I wouldn’t change for the world! She has helped me succeed with Threads as well as anything I have ever set my mind too!! We do literally everything together from video games to figuring out how to make cake pops! We went from meeting at the Purge Premiere to becoming inseparable in a single summer!

I am currently enrolled at California University of Pennsylvania. So far I have been living the dream with the Phi Sigma Pi Frat crew as well as being around my best friends everyday!




My inspiration:

My influence comes from several different things! I really like the Chanel Icons Coco and Karl. Both are complete geniuses and seem to always be a step ahead!

My inspiration also comes from my Grandparents who are so humble and have been together for 50 years! Both so classic and tasteful and have such personalty and charm they are simply the Greatest!

🙂 thank you for the read! Have a good day

A Little Bit About my Life

Right now I’ll take some time to talk about the people in my life who have been nothing but amazing and great to me over the years

my family

These Goofballs
Have always been there for me and have never given me a dull moment at home sure we fight and argue but I couldn’t ask for a better bunch. They have always been inspiring me to do better with myself and are there to push me even further for that I can’t thank them enough.


The greatest
This girl has gone above and beyond to make me smile and laugh like nobody’s business she will be featured a lot on this blog and she is Someone anyone would be lucky to call a friend and I am so blessed to have her as mine. She and I met last summer and became inseparable every since her family is now my second away from home and she is one of the main reasons I got into clothes and style without her I’d be a dreamer and be scared to make this but she is the confidence I have always needed and she has no idea how much that has meant to me!

stay tuned for more