Joan Rivers: Fashion Comedian Passes

Style Icon & Comedy Genius.

Today A legend has died. Joan Rivers passed early this afternoon around 1:15pm at the age of 81 while in a medical coma due to complications during Surgery.
Joan has been the face of the Red Carpet fashion police as well as a comedian, talk show host , as well as a writer!
Her daughter Melissa and son were by her side as she passed stating it was very peaceful. So with this sad and tragic news I would like to show Joan and her legacy to everyone!
RIP Joan, thoughts and prayers go to her family on this sad day.
Fashion Shots








“I don’t exercise if god wanted me to bend over he would have put diamonds on the floor”
-Joan Rivers

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La Casa di Armani

The Italian Mastermind:

Said to be the “most successful designer to come out of Italy,” Giorgio Armani is no less of a triumphant fashion designer who is known internationally. After attending school for some time, joining the army, and being a window dresser at a department store in Milan, Armani became a well-known menswear designer. He was acknowledged worldwide from his runway shows and designs and was then able to found Giorgio Armani S.p.A in Milan in 1975. He founded the Giorgio Armani Corporation in 1979 which also began sales in the United States.  Armani now produces plenty of products including men and womenswear, underwear, swimwear, perfumes/colognes, other accessories and even the Giorgio Armani phone. Armani also has designed clothing for a large number of movies, such as the 1987 film “The Untouchables.” He was also the first designer that banned models with a BMI under 18. He also has worked closely with pop star Lady Gaga. Armani takes a big interest in sports; he designed Italy’s Olympic uniforms for the Summer 2012 Olympics. His famous, and one of my personal favorite colognes, is the Aqua di Gio by Armani. Giorgio Armani is a role model of mine and will still be extraordinary in the fashion industry (even being almost 80 years old!)

Celebrity Relationships:



World famous cologne:
Aqua di Gio


Credit: Armani

Fashion Week: Mercedes-Benz Style


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the place to be for aspiring designers. Hosted by IMG Fashion, shows take place in New York, Berlin, Australia, Istanbul and Miami. The summer popular Mercedes-Benz Fashion Swim is shown in Miami. Upcoming designers have a chance to globalize and announce their brands and clothing. The event produces millions of opportunities with the fashion industry. Designers include Oakley, Rachel Zoe, J. Crew, Project Runway, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Michael Kors.The calendar starts in London, England on June 15th with London Collections: Men’s and ends on December 2nd in Miami, Florida with the IHT Luxury Conference. News is kept up internationally with social media and the press. From stylists and celebrities to supermodels and buyers, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the best premier, worldwide event for fashion!

Celebrity Guests:




Credit: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Youtube

Looking Dapper, Ol’ Chap


Founded in 1856, Burberry is a British clothing house formed by Thomas Burberry. The company distributes clothing, perfume, accessories and sunglasses, which makes it a huge success. The brand is best known for its Tartan patterns as well as the famous french coat invented by Thomas Burberry himself.

Thomas Burberry:


Holding the status of Founder of the House of Burberry, he is also the inventor of Garbardine. Burberry started off as an assistant at a drapery store. He opened his first Burberry house in 1859 and since then, the brand has become international. Queen Elizabeth even received tailored clothing from the company.


Celebs in Burberry:


Credit: Burberry