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Threads for Her: Fleur de Force

Fleur de Force is an international YouTube fashion, style, and beauty vlogger. She also has her own online store in which she sells jewelry, makeup bags, scarves, and a number of other accessories. The UK YouTube sensation started her videos in September of 2009. Her channel now reaches over four million views each month and has over one million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos include makeup, hair, and other beauty videos and tutorials, style and beauty product reviews, fashion favorites, and shopping videos. She also keeps her viewers up-to-date with her life, such as her well received wedding video. Fleur de Force can be found on countless social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Blogspot. She was also featured on the television show Project Runway and has done many interviews and trips around the world. Fleur de Force is definitely a force to reckon with in the fashion and beauty world.

Products by Fleur:


Bow Scarf – $13.14
Love Wallet – $41.10
Silver Key Ring – $24.65

Credit: Fleur de Force