Threads: Skin Care for Men

Condition Your Skin:

Women seem to have a ton of products in order to keep their faces healthy and smooth. Men, on the other hand, are rather limited in the skin care and beauty area. In order to maintain healthy skin, you need to protect it and keep it clean. With the right care, anyone can have wonderful skin.


The majority of men shave. With shaving, unpleasant factors can occur like bumps and razor burn. Aftershave becomes a must for men who shave. Certain aftershaves can give off harsh feelings and strong smells, so it is important to find the right kind to fit you and your skin.

Clinique Post Shave:

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Face Wash/Acne Prevention:

Whether it’s sweating, age, or stress, acne can happen to anyone at anytime or age. While breaking out isn’t fun and can put a damper on important events, it seems inevitable. There are plenty of easy acne prevention and face wash cares out there for both men and women. With proper daily care, acne can be tolerated and even prevented.

Evolution Man Face Wash:
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Tools of the Trade:

The difference between a clean and smooth face and a stubbly one is the result of a razor.
The razor the difference between a clean face and a stubbly one. Most people have difference preferences I prefer electric I’m a product of the modern ages. So with that being said I will now show you my all time favorite electric razor. Best thing in the world if your waking up late or rushing to catch a meeting!
Braun Series 7

Two things happen to everyone woman and men we sweat and what happens when we sweat with out protection we tend to not smell like roses. So with that deodorant is important for daily use. You should always get a brand with the longevity to get you throughout your day comfortably no matter what your doing. Smell wise it’s all in your preference I enjoy the name brands I’m used too as well as the luxury and longevity. Here are my favorites


“Dammi Gucci”

Elegant Inspiration:

Guccio Gucci was a young lift boy in London in the 1900s when his creative ideas sent him returning to Florence to design bags and accessories. Born in Florence, he eventually founded one of the biggest names of the fashion industry: The House of Gucci. The company originated in 1921 and sold leather bags. When his business went to Rome in 1938, it became a family business and he ran it with his sons. A store in Milan was open for Gucci in 1951 and then in 1953, it expanded to Manhattan. Even though Guccio Gucci sadly passed away the same year, this self-made Italian fashion designer was able to create an empire that still continues successfully today.


The House of Gucci:

Being part of the Gucci Group owned by the French company Kering, this brand is known globally. Gucci was listed by Forbes as the 38th most valuable brand in 2013. The company is also the biggest-selling Italian brand. It started off with leather: accessories like handbags, shoes, loafers, and knitwear in his signature pattern. When Gucci became international in 1953 with a store opening in New York, celebrities and film stars also starting bringing more notice towards the brand. The double-G logo was first used in 1964 and accessories such as eye wear, ties, jewelry and watches were added. Gucci was sold to Investcorp in 1988 after family disputes. Designer Tom Ford was hired for Gucci in 1990. Gucci is also linked with Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Frida Giannini was appointed the creative director for the entire label in 2006. A Gucci Children’s Line was introduced in 2010. The brand is also associated with automobiles, like AMC, Cadillac, Ford Lincoln, and Ford Fiat. Gucci has been partnered with UNICEF since 2005. Gucci has also funded for over 210 projects for the “Chime for Change” campaign. Artists such as Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, and Beyonce have worked with the campaign. The Gucci “Genius Jeans” were titled the most expensive pair of jeans by Guinness World Records in 1998. This luxury brand is unstoppable.

Frida Giannini and Tom Ford:


Celebrities in Gucci:





Credit: Gucci