Sleepwear Challenge: From Casper

I opened my email now from my iPad (because my cell is dead) to an invitation to participate in the Casper Sleep getting ready + signature sleepwear Challenge!
Casper is a new uprising mattress company sponsored by some amazing big names such as Ashton Kutcher,NAS, and even designer Steve Allen. They ship mattresses straight to your door in a box no bigger than a mini fridge. How does it even fit?!
Mrs.Kaplan I will most definitely take the bedtime challenge!
Step One:
To end my day before bed I tend to grab my Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Pads to break down oils and dirt from my pores. With the Pads it adds an amazing menthol cool with a great clean feel!


Step Two:
Neutrogena Shaving Cream and the Mach Razor
I don’t shave every night but I do shave at night before bedtime so I will now show you my favorites when it comes to shaving and how to take care of your skin during the process! I found the Neutrogena Shaving cream recently and it has worked wonders compared to Gillette! It is not harsh to your skin at all and keeps it smooth and clear!


Step Three :
Day& Night Face Lotion
After I use my Face Pads I use my Every Man Jack Face Lotion to keep your skin healthy and smooth even after shaving! Clears After shave burns and relieves the Redness!

Onto the Bed time Comfort & Style:

I myself prefer to have a more comfortable lay around style I don’t really need the luxury fur robes or the god awful looking snuggies! I prefer just the simple over sized sweater or a decent hoodie mixed with your favorite sweats or shorts depending on how your room is currently. Since it is god awful cold and snowing in the states I will be showing you my winter wear for bedtime.
The Shirt:

My Classic Look TOMS T-shirt I recently picked up during the Target Toms Holiday Special! It makes sleeping rather enjoyable knowing your lounging around in a T-shirt that benefits the less fortunate!!
The Sweater :

Normally I am not usually into the classic high school brands such as Hollister or Abercrombie but honestly I have this rather vintage Hollister Sweater I really enjoy! It’s a really nice knitted and fitted cotton sweater perfect for a cold night!

These are actually rather big in me luckily they came with a string tie in the front and they are brilliantly comfortable and roomy! I got these at a outlet mall I believe they are from H&M!


So this is just a basic rundown on how I myself get ready for bed and now to not only be comfortable but be stylish and comfortable!
I want to thank Casper Sleep for the amazing challenge and I hope you all enjoy 🙂