Threads:A Challenge

I was asked By a Miss Emma Carter of WE WORK to take a fashion challenge. I was invited to do a Fashion Forward Design your own Dream Team Event. Which I am thankful for and I would like to give my style advice and my Favorite Designer Dream Team a much need shout out!
The Team:
I prefer if I am in a challenge to have the best and most skilled team around. Ps Sorry McQueen & Yves still legends though!

Starting from the Top:
Yves Saint Laurent: if you haven’t Heard of YSL im convinced you were living in a cave! Strong designer who’s legend still lives on and so does his amazing visions!
Fluer Deforce:
YouTube sensation who would most definitely be the eye of style and modern fabrics! She is absolutely brilliant and is one of my idols for doing what I enjoy!
Tom Ford:
“I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well” -Tom Ford most definitely a signature for the American World and Now leaves his mark all over the Globe!
Alexander McQueen
RIP to one of the most artistic and shocking fashion designers the world has ever seen! Mr.McQueen has designed for some of the greatest artists known to music!
Karl Lagerfeld:
The genius behind Chanel,Fendi and his own signature Karl lines! At 84 years old Mr. Lagerfeld has no plans of slowing down! So with that He deserves to be leader of My team!
Oliver Roustieng
At 27 years old Oliver took over as creative director of Balmain Paris! Sitting at the top of Balmain’s HQ for 5 seasons now! Force to be reckoned with!

Fendi Mens Autumn 2014 collection

Weapon of C H O I C E
Mens Wear
Classy and Classic Are always Words to describe Fendi with the companies signature looks and styles.
Recently they have launched their 2014/15 Mens Autumn Collection to the runways in Rome. I got their news letter and now I’m going to show you all.


Mr. Lagerfeld who also not only runs Chanel ,but Fendi as well is releasing a new style video for Fendi’s AW 14/15 release. Called Pure, Brutal, Glamour!
Set to show Fendi’s newest lines as well as the work put into them! So stay tuned for that!
The UK rapper was spotted showing off a new Fendi AW 14/15 Jacket shown on the Runways recently.


What do you all think of the new mens line from Fendi this season? Let me know
CHANEL 2015 collection.

Threads: Skin Care for Men

Condition Your Skin:

Women seem to have a ton of products in order to keep their faces healthy and smooth. Men, on the other hand, are rather limited in the skin care and beauty area. In order to maintain healthy skin, you need to protect it and keep it clean. With the right care, anyone can have wonderful skin.


The majority of men shave. With shaving, unpleasant factors can occur like bumps and razor burn. Aftershave becomes a must for men who shave. Certain aftershaves can give off harsh feelings and strong smells, so it is important to find the right kind to fit you and your skin.

Clinique Post Shave:

$19.50 HERE
-Worth every penny!

Face Wash/Acne Prevention:

Whether it’s sweating, age, or stress, acne can happen to anyone at anytime or age. While breaking out isn’t fun and can put a damper on important events, it seems inevitable. There are plenty of easy acne prevention and face wash cares out there for both men and women. With proper daily care, acne can be tolerated and even prevented.

Evolution Man Face Wash:
Ranked Top Skin Buff  for 2014!

$22 HERE
Tools of the Trade:

The difference between a clean and smooth face and a stubbly one is the result of a razor.
The razor the difference between a clean face and a stubbly one. Most people have difference preferences I prefer electric I’m a product of the modern ages. So with that being said I will now show you my all time favorite electric razor. Best thing in the world if your waking up late or rushing to catch a meeting!
Braun Series 7

Two things happen to everyone woman and men we sweat and what happens when we sweat with out protection we tend to not smell like roses. So with that deodorant is important for daily use. You should always get a brand with the longevity to get you throughout your day comfortably no matter what your doing. Smell wise it’s all in your preference I enjoy the name brands I’m used too as well as the luxury and longevity. Here are my favorites