Who wants a tacky house?

Hello & Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a magical and amazing New Years with friends and family! For my very first post of 2020 with my new found passion with blogging again, lets talk interior.

So I usually focus on the beautiful things people wear and how simple details can make or break an outfit. Well much like fashion design, interior decorating is a fine art, that will make or break the impression of your home. However, many peoples idea of home decor varies and of course my taste will differ from others. So with that being said Lets get right into the aesthetic that I absolutely adore.

Dark Modern Minimalism:  I am not sure why but my god does it showcase well. 

Scandinavian Minimalism: Effortless, Beautiful, Timeless. 

Rustic Modernism: When you enjoy the quiet, but also love the detail. 

I hope you enjoyed
Happy New Year to my visitors.


Sleepwear Challenge: From Casper

I opened my email now from my iPad (because my cell is dead) to an invitation to participate in the Casper Sleep getting ready + signature sleepwear Challenge!
Casper is a new uprising mattress company sponsored by some amazing big names such as Ashton Kutcher,NAS, and even designer Steve Allen. They ship mattresses straight to your door in a box no bigger than a mini fridge. How does it even fit?!
Mrs.Kaplan I will most definitely take the bedtime challenge!
Step One:
To end my day before bed I tend to grab my Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Pads to break down oils and dirt from my pores. With the Pads it adds an amazing menthol cool with a great clean feel!


Step Two:
Neutrogena Shaving Cream and the Mach Razor
I don’t shave every night but I do shave at night before bedtime so I will now show you my favorites when it comes to shaving and how to take care of your skin during the process! I found the Neutrogena Shaving cream recently and it has worked wonders compared to Gillette! It is not harsh to your skin at all and keeps it smooth and clear!


Step Three :
Day& Night Face Lotion
After I use my Face Pads I use my Every Man Jack Face Lotion to keep your skin healthy and smooth even after shaving! Clears After shave burns and relieves the Redness!

Onto the Bed time Comfort & Style:

I myself prefer to have a more comfortable lay around style I don’t really need the luxury fur robes or the god awful looking snuggies! I prefer just the simple over sized sweater or a decent hoodie mixed with your favorite sweats or shorts depending on how your room is currently. Since it is god awful cold and snowing in the states I will be showing you my winter wear for bedtime.
The Shirt:

My Classic Look TOMS T-shirt I recently picked up during the Target Toms Holiday Special! It makes sleeping rather enjoyable knowing your lounging around in a T-shirt that benefits the less fortunate!!
The Sweater :

Normally I am not usually into the classic high school brands such as Hollister or Abercrombie but honestly I have this rather vintage Hollister Sweater I really enjoy! It’s a really nice knitted and fitted cotton sweater perfect for a cold night!

These are actually rather big in me luckily they came with a string tie in the front and they are brilliantly comfortable and roomy! I got these at a outlet mall I believe they are from H&M!


So this is just a basic rundown on how I myself get ready for bed and now to not only be comfortable but be stylish and comfortable!
I want to thank Casper Sleep for the amazing challenge and I hope you all enjoy 🙂

East Dane&ShopBop

$50 Dollar Gift Card
Fashion Forward for any season!!
EAST Dane!
For the Gents who have always been a step ahead of the Curve! East Dane has literally everything anyone every needs from the Monochrome shirts to the Amazing Jackets and Outerwear!


East Dane’s sister site for all of the brand name babes out there! Legendary Labels fantastic prices if you know anything about brand names! It’s a perfect shop spot for any occasion!!
Amazing Dogs with a Shopbop style!





Threads:Top Winter Necessities

Hello everyone and Happy Monday.
I hope everyone is having a great first day. I am enjoying my 4 day vacation from the working life!!
My First Giveaway…That’s all I’m saying! ☺️
Okay so November is soon on its way and I am honestly excited! I have a rather amazing surprise for all of my awesome readers/fans! Unfortunately you will have to wait until November but it will definitely be beyond worth it!
For now I am going to show you some of my Top Winter Necessities of 2014

The Beanie.
The simple Bundle of Fabric you wear on your head right? Well actually depending on what you are wearing,your head shape, and the Fabric involved a beanie can make or break a look! So before just putting on whatever you feel you want for the day always take note of what you are wearing as well!
I myself prefer the billed Cap beanies my favorite is from Express.


The Jacket:

The outermost piece of clothing which is the first thing most people see. I myself prefer the mono black jacket as everything I usually wear is designer or Monochrome which always works extremely well with a simple black jacket.

The Scarf.

Men are very iffy about scarves as most are either not there cup of tea on style or some just don’t like things around their necks. Scarves are actually a very functional yet stylist piece of clothing. They make you look sophisticated and Tasteful without being over the top and unnecessary. Examples are .JayZ,Kanye West,and Zac Efron.David Beckham


The Boots.

Ok I will be completely honest as a style and fashion blogger I do not own boots! Snowboard boots yes I do own a pair but unfortunately I can not seem to find a pair I actually enjoy to wear constantly! I am a canvas shoe kinda guy especially since they now make winterized ones!! However boots are a key point to many a mans wardrobe and If I ever find a pair I absolutely need I will be sure to post them for the world to see!!

The Sweaters/Sweatshirts:

Tis the Season for freezing my friends and with that being said its time for Sweater Weather! I think I would live in my sweatshirts if I could! They are always in style and always the best form of comfort! You can always layer them with a nice polo or a favorite T-shirt which ever suits you well!

I hope you enjoy!
And stay tuned!!….

Threads: Candy Cartel

The United Kingdom has always been my favorite spot for amazing Menswear and street wear!
Candy Cartel however has made a perfect blend of both Class And Street Wear which is very new and extremely trendsetting!
They Currently have a look book out for their first collection and I can not wait too see how it is finished!
Website: HERE





Pierre Cardin

Venezia, 03/11/2009. Pierre Cardin,

Pietro Cardin, now known as the French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, has made his brand The House of Cardin an international success. Even though he was born near Treviso, Italy, Cardin completed his schooling in France. He was an apprentice for a clothing company starting at the age of 14. Then in 1939 he expanded his expertise to making suits for women. During the second World War, he worked with Red Cross and still to this day continues with his humanitarian interests. After the war, Cardin moved to Paris and started working for Paquin. He then moved to become head tailleure atelier for Christian Dior in 1947. The House of Cardin was founded in 1950. In 1959, he was the first to express Japan as a high fashion market. He created the “Espace Cardin” which opened in 1971. The space showed not only Cardin’s own collections, but featured theatre ensembles, music artists, and other artistic talents. The Pakistan International Airlines signed Cardin to design uniforms for their flag carriers during the 1960s. In 1971, he redesigned the national costume of the Philippines called the Barong Tagalog. Also in the 1970s, Cardin signed with American Motors Corporation (AMC) and his designs were featured in the AMC Javelin. Cardin’s interest in geometric shapes is shown in his clothing designs as well as the creation of his Le Palais Bulles (The Bubble House). In the 1980s, he chained restaurants and hotels titled Maxim’s. His biography was written by Sylvana Lorenz, named Biographie de Pierre Cardin. In 1991, he was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. Later in 2009, Cardin was nominated the Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Cardin is now 92 years old.


Pierre Cardin’s fashion designs are unique. They include his interest in geometric shapes, his Space Age designs, an avant-garde style, and unisex styles. He often excludes the female form in his clothing. In 1954, Cardin introduced the “bubble dress.”

Fashion156-PierreCardin-SS13-3 Fotor01002143434 Fotor01002143530piere-cardinFotor01002144217

Credit: Pierre Cardin

Carlos Miele – M.Officer



Carlos Miele is a fashion designer from Brazil who is making himself known worldwide. He has his clothing in over 30 countries in the world. He is based in Sao, Paulo, in Brazil and established his label in 2002. His first flagship shop was in New York. He attended school at Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil. 2006 brought about his Miele label, which offered casual and ready-to-wear designs for women. Miele also has a line of denim. He is a self-trained clothing designer who also has an interest in cinema and architecture. Carlos Miele uses dynamic colors and vivacious prints along with his Brazilian roots to influence his designs which are now sweeping the world.


Naomi+Campbell+Eve+Carlos+Miele+Fall+2004+B1MJrEMq97MlFotor0100115351 Fotor01001153928



M.Officer is the newest label by Carlos Miele. For two years, it was titled by Alshop the award of “best female jeanswear brand in Brazil.” M.Officer has models like Gisele Bundchen and Isabelli Fonatana representing the company. The company carries clothing for both men and women.


Autumn/Winter 2014 M.Officer Campaign:


For Him:

Fotor0100115118 Fotor01001151143 Fotor01001151213 Fotor01001151245

For Her:

Fotor01001151746 Fotor01001151821 Fotor01001151851 Fotor01001151919

Credit: M.Officer


Hello everyone I am so sorry I’ve been so super busy with things lately. However I am not going to take you all to the world of iphone addiction. A lot of people have asked me what I have on my cell for entertainment. So I figured I’ll make a blog post out of it!!

Obviously I am a compulsive blogger I love to get all the news and trends from all my followers! WordPress app is amazing especially for blogging on the go!


Vine is my pick for “how to waste several hours with out trying app”! I absolutely love it just because of all the great entertainment ,and how creative people can be with just 7 seconds.


I am a rather huge music addict and if I hear a song I like its an instant sound hound to figure the artist,album,and song title! Greatest invention ever to keep ahead of the global music market!

Forbes Magazine:

How do you all think I keep up with the latest and greatest. I love Forbes magazine to begin with but when I can take it everywhere why not.

YIK Yak:

When your a university kid it doesn’t take much for you to be entertained but with Yik Yak you can read/ write everything without anyone knowing who it’s from. So you can check out what your classmates are saying within a general area and have a good laugh!


Haha feeding my shopping habit. With really awesome Italian Clothing without the Italian sized price tag!


Keeping up with The Magazines,Celebs,Companies,Friends from across the pond! Business is actually pleasure on Twitter!

Plague Inc.

Yes I do have this game and yes I do love this game! I tend to get bored at work or even during a really ugly day so what do you do. Apparently plague the earth with random illnesses and enjoy it! Haha

Touch Of Modern:

My little guilty pleasure I like the newest and the best of anything so touch of modern is my App of choice!So check it out because you’ll never get bored of all the new things!

I have ALOTmore but those are the ones I use the most!
Let me know some of your favorite apps!
Have a good day EVERYONE!

New from Zara!

Being a big fan of the clothing brand Zara, it’s great to explore their new looks. Threads has a number of posts featuring the company including Zara: AW14 Collection, Threads for Her: Zara, and International Day: Zara. Zara sells clothing for women, men, children, babies, and accessories. From the United States and the United Kingdom to Ireland and Germany, this clothing brand from Spain is becoming worldwide….and with good reason!

New This Week!


Fotor0902101936 Fotor0902102136







Baby Girl:


Baby Boy:


Remember, fall fashion is just around the corner, so don’t forget to check out Zara!