My Newest Trends! ROSHE RUNNER

I have now become insanely obsessed with work out apparel and shoes.
Nike Roshe Runners are truly amazing and at the peak of all styles work out and casual fashion!
Fitted too your liking custom to your style!!
I will be buying a pair of these for college ASAP!! They are only $130!





Working out

Working out

College dorm casual

College dorm casual

Threads: Athletic Style

Nike- Just Do It:

This American “Just Do It” company is named after the Greek goddess of Victory, and Nike lives up to its meaning. This brand manufactures, designs, and develops a worldwide corporation of footwear, accessories, equipment, and apparel. It is the most valuable brand of sports businesses, making over ten billion dollars and employs over 44,000 people. Nike sales are one of the largest in the world for apparel and athletic shoes. Originally titled Blue Ribbon Sports, the company changed the name to Nike, Inc. on May 30th 1971. Nike products include Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, Air Jordan, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, Foamposite, Nike Skateboarding, Brand Jordan, Hurley International and Converse. It is founded by Phillip Knight and Bill Bowerman, both from the University of Oregon, in 1964. The Nike headquarters is in Beaverton, Oregon. The Swoosh design was first used on June 18th, 1971. The “Just Do It” ad campaign in one of the top five ad slogans of the 20th century. The first “Just Do It” advertisement was shown on July 1st, 1988. The first Nike products were track running shoes. Since then, Nike produces a variety of sportswear and accessories, like jerseys, shorts, shoes, and cleats, for a number of sports including track and field, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and cricket. There is more than 75 different Nike stores in the world, located in over 45 countries. Nike is also a climate-friendly company and is a partner for the RED campaign, which helps prevent HIV transmission. Nike provides a number of uniforms to teams around the world. This sports brand will continue to be used around the globe.




Credit: Nike

Under Armour:

Clothing, footwear, sporting equipment, and accessories can all be found at this globally known, worldwide American owned company. It was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank from the University of Maryland. Plank is best known for his design of moisture-wicking apparel. The brand first became popular when it was featured on the front page of USA Today. Soon after, Under Armour was contracting with Division 1 football teams, like North Carolina State and Arizona State University. The company then signed on with the apparel lines ColdGear, TurfGear, AllseasonGear, and StreetGear. In 1999, Warner Brothers used Under Armour apparel in the films Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. Under Armour became the outfitter for the new XFL football league in 2000. The first television commercial aired in 2003, using the logo “Protect This House.” The first store opened in 2007 in Maryland and since then has a number of stores in 39 states in the United States as well as stores outside of the US, like in Canada, China, Scotland. The brand sponsors the NFL Combine, in partnership with the company Duck Dynasty, and provided suits for the US speedskaters for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Under Armour has many branches of a campaign called UA Give Back, which efforts range from fighting breast cancer to improving the environment. Under Armour partners with many organizations like The Ronald McDonald House, The Wounded Warrior Project, and Habitat for Humanity. The brand sponsors celebrity athletes such as Tom Brady and Lindsey Vonn as well as professional teams and college athletic teams. Under Armour will continue to expand and rise in the sports world.





Men’s Essentials

A Good Suit:

Whether you’re cleaning up for a night out or going to a wedding, any man can look good in a suit. The key factors are comfort, the way it fits, and how you feel in it. Suits are meant to be tailored, so make sure you don’t sell yourself short. Get it tailored correctly.

Credit: Calvin Klein

Favorite Pair of Jeans:
Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans. They could be anything from worn out and sun bleached to full of holes and beaten up. A good pair of jeans can be paired with anything and can be worn at anytime. Jeans are not only comfy and dependable but come in many different options including dark, light, faded, skinny, boot-cut, and straight leg.

Credit: Express

A Reliable Pair of Shoes:
A guy should be able to go out of the house and be confident that whatever he has on his feet will keep him comfortable doing anything. Everyone needs a good, dependable shoe. Use a personal preference on the brand of shoe; think about comfort, style, and what you’re going to be wearing the shoe for. I completely agree that no matter the situation you should be comfortable in what you have on your feet. I personally like Nike 5.0s.

Credit: Nike 5.0

The Warmth of a Sweatshirt:
Three words to describe a good sweatshirt are durable, reliable, and dependable. A sweatshirt is durable because it can be worn in any season and with practically any outfit. Sweatshirts are reliable because no matter how you’re feeling, you can always throw one on.  A good sweatshirt is dependable because you can keep it for a long time and wear it in any situation. Whether going for a run, sitting around a bonfire, or going shopping, a warm and comfy sweatshirt is something anyone can wear confidently.

Credit: Diamond Supply Co.

The Classic Button Up:
Also known as a dress shirt, these classic shirts can be worn for any occasion. Button ups can be open with a nice graphic tee underneath for a warm summer night or even buttoned up to the top matched with a nice tie for a sophisticated, tasteful look. They can be put together with a nice sweater or a vest for a classic Ralph Lauren Polo look.  Any way you wear it, a classic button up dress shirt is needed in every guy’s closet.

Credit: Zara

Top 3 Summer Looks for Guys


Coco Chanel once said “Comfort is Luxury” and what is a better form of the two than a nice pair of Boat shoes. They range from Vans to the more prominent Sperry’s which have been wore by celebrities all over the globe from Kanye West to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Credit: Sperry


Polo’s are a rather simple item that is comfortable as well as versatile. Polo’s are found in small name brands such as Old Navy or GAP to larger brand names like Ralph Lauren or Lacoste. Polo’s are quite easy to mesh with a nice pair of shorts or jeans/khakis and they work well with just about any look and any scene.


Credit: Ralph Lauren, Zara, Express, Lacoste


Summertime is a great time to begin exercising; activities such as swimming, biking, and hiking are common for this time of year. Why not look good while working out? And even if you’re not into running, a simple walk in the park can still be a stylish way to get in shape. My personal favorites are Nike and Under Armour for active wear apparel. I prefer the brand Hurley for swim wear because of the comfort and very tasteful fit.


Credit: Hurley, Nike, Under Armour