Break time:

Hello to all my Threads Followers!
I definitely needed a little break from the blogging life for a day or so! So with that being said I would now like to give you all a preview of my mid week/weekend endeavors.
First off:
Since it is the season for Screams and Halloween. My group of College friends decided to take a drive to see this beauty on her silver screen debut.

It was not actually that terrible considering the conjuring make me laugh!
I finally got to go spend some money on myself and get ready for winter!
I bought an imported Canadian Scarf from LE31

Very warm & Comfortable.
I also Purchased a new North Face Thermal Winterized Jacket definitely worth every penny!!

I made it back where I laid in bed and relaxed to Finish my Day!!


Now we are Back to Planning More!exciting things for all of you to enjoy!

Hope you all have a Great week! Be back tomorrow!


Express: VIP Haul 2014

In honor of the VIP after hours shopping Party for Express Tomorrow night I am showing off some of my recently purchased express apparel.
I absolutely can’t wait to be apart of the sales and deals tomorrow during the event! Hope you enjoy:


Signature Look:
Royal Blue: Modern Fit Polo


Tuxedo Fit:Button Down Shirt


Express:Rocco Slim Fit Jeans
Matched with: Winterized Toms


Royal Slub:Long Sleeve Tshirts


Fitted:Royal Lion Signature Hoodie

Polos:$49.90 Each.
Long sleeve Ts-$45 each.
Button Down Shirt-$60

Playlist: College Dorm Listening🎶


Say my Name-ODESZA
2 on-Tinashe
You and Me-Bassnector
I Got you-Duke Dumont
Stay Ready-Jhene Aiko
Sea of Voices-Peter Robinson
Fine shrine-Purity Ring
Ordinary-Ricky Dillion
Basically I -Robert Delon
Prayer in C (Remix)-Lily Wood
Wonder wall-Ryan Adams
……hope you like
I am currently writing about 3 more awards THREADS has recieved they will be coming soon!! Thank you all for the many nominations I can’t wait for you all to see 🙂 thank a good day followers

Magazine:October 2014


D’Office Threads Magazine
For those of you who follow my twitter account you know I am currently working on a magazine with D’office apparel. Sarah and I have been speaking to several talented fashion bloggers, celebs, company’s and athletes. We have had such a great outcome and are very excited for our very first international magazine! Currently we are looking for more writers and I know I have 3,000 very talented followers! So I am going to be holding my comment section to anyone who wants to write for the magazine. I am currently the editor for the magazine as well as the stylist for D’office apparel. Comments will be only taken for today only and Sarah and I will go through the list tonight. We will contact the writers we have chosen soon!! Each person selected will have their own full page Article with their blog name and link!


THREADS: Reaches 2k


Today my blog has reached 2000 followers in a little over a month which is a pretty amazing goal reached! I started Threads in late May and today marks the day! I am so grateful to have the followers I do as well as the Apparel companies I am collaborating with!! Next goal is 5000 Thread Heads!
Thank you’s:
Currently I am teaming up with some wonderful people, but I would be nothing with out all of you and your support! Thank you kindly Followers and have a lovely night! Stay tuned i plan on keeping this going! Enjoy your week stay classy and goodnight my fellow Threads followers!

Liebster Award!


This is my second nomination for an award so far and I couldn’t be more thankful or appreciative of my followers and viewers for helping make my dreams come true! I’ve only had Threads for about a month now and I never thought my site would take off how it has; I couldn’t be happier! I promise to continue making posts and meeting all of you amazing fellow bloggers! Thank you!

The biggest thank you goes to thatsaleaf blog for the nomination. We share similar interests in style and fashion as well as traveling and photography. It’s so great finding people around the world that have the dreams like mine! Keep up the great work from Belgium! Thank you again!


Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer the following 11 questions
Nominate 11 other (newer) blogs for the award

11 Facts:

1. I don’t categorize “screamo” music as actually music…(no offense screamo fans!)
2. I don’t like fairs.
3. I wish I was Norwegian.
4. I have a fear of sharks.
5. I hate Croc shoes.
6. I’m obsessed with international style.
7. My mom is my hero.
8. I recently found out I actually like wearing hats.
9. I will never wear the colors brown or red.
10. I’m a compulsive dreamer.
11. I have a thin figure and suffer with sleep apnea.


1. Why did you start blogging?
I’ve always been interested in style and trends. I wanted to share my ideas with the world for other people to enjoy. Starting my blog was a creative and effective way to put my style and life out there; plus it’s a good stress reliever.

2. Where did your blog name come from?
“Jack Threads” was actually my inspiration. I shortened the name and attempted to add a more luxurious feel to it, which seems to be working!

3. What is your favorite of your own blog posts?
I really enjoyed my Karl Lagerfeld post. He kinda jump started this amazing blogging journey that I’m now on! He is not only a huge name in the fashion industry but also his name has a lot of pull and influence on anything fashion. He’s a role model for me.

4. How do you find new blogs to follow?
I love collaborating with apparel companies and am currently working with a few wonderful ones. This helps me not only get a huge boost with finding other blogs, but it’s great for both myself and the company’s names and businesses. Other social media sites, talking through fellow bloggers, and finding posts with tags I’m interested in helps find new blogs too.

5. Would you ever stop following a blog? Why?
I’ve only unfollowed another blog once. It was when I first starting out blogging, I asked a fellow blog for some advice. I was told “I don’t follow back” and pretty much I needed to work on everything I was doing because I was wrong. Turns out I’m now more successful than I ever thought I would be and everyday it’s getting better and better for me and my site. I have the best followers and people who view my blog and I never needed that negative energy and “advice” in the first place.

6. What is your opinion on commenting on blog posts?
Always be kind and if you can’t be then don’t say anything. Anyone who knows anything about style, art, fashion, etc. knows comments are meant to build people up and give compliments. Of course fashion in a critical world, don’t get me wrong, but personality can be shown through style and it’s important to just be nice to everyone. Commenting on posts is a great way to spread ideas and get publicity.

7. Name one author whose books you will always read.
To be honest, I don’t read many books. I prefer articles online and internet posts to books.

8. If you could recommend one book for another person to read, what would it be and why?
If you know me, you know I love Coco Chanel. And as I just said, I’m not into reading books, but the book Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie can be found here and is a great read about an amazing woman.

9. What is your most anticipated read of 2014?
I just saw “The Fault in our Stars” movie and I would love to read the book.

10. Who is your favorite designer?
Karl Lagerfeld, of course.

11. How do you pick your outfits?
My outfits are usually basic. I like wearing well fitted shirts as well as polos. Black and white is my favorite color collaboration, which makes clothing outfits a lot easier to put together.


All of the blogs I currently follow are spectacular. I’m picking great blogs that don’t show archives before April 2014 for this nomination. As I previously stated, I can’t get over how cool it is to find people with similar interests, especially in fashion and style!

Impossibly Aud



Too Good To Be Threw



fashionchic uk



Miss Basic Fashionista

Vogue Pleasure


JUNE: Put-In-Bay Vacation

Today was a fantastic day at Put-In-Bay (PIB) we rented a Cart for the day which didn’t go exactly uh… Fast but managed to catch some sun as well as some pretty amazing sites! So today I am going to make a Post of Denni (my amazing publicist/best friend’s) day At Put In Bay!
The Boat:
Put-In-Bay Miller Ferry
The Put-In-Bay Miller Ferry took us from the main land to the island took about a half hour but the view and the water was so amazing! Totally worth it!

<a href="”>20140628-212738-77258148.jpg

The Blu Luna
Looking at PIB you would think it’s a rather laid back summer styled place with a very relaxed feel. Well today being my normal ridiculous self I decided to pick probably the most expensive place on the entire island to eat breakfast! 11 dollars for two pancakes has never tasted so good! 🙂


The Sites:
Things to check out!






Perry’s Monument
Wicked Crazy to see Canada
The monument for the Battle of Erie with was pretty incredible! We waited since 8:00am till 10 just to get into it but it was well worth it!! Very cool it’s about 30 stories high and you can see Canada from the top In the Distance!!






Denni and I being stupid


It was beyond an amazing day and I can not wait to go back soon!! For now it’s time to get some much needed rest and Aloe…Red head in the Sun.. Bad idea –Goodnight!

T H R E A D S : Q&A

How did you decide to go into blogging?
Actually I became inspired after looking at international style and I came across Norway which blogging is rather large and so I began to read with the help of google translate and I enjoyed the layout and the mood if it all it’s a good get away sometimes!
When did I become interested in fashion?
YOUNG actually see when I was a kid I had this very large obsession with what was in and popular at the time such as Nike and Adidas and as I got older it became more and more progressive and then it just started to grow and now I’m all about the worlds clothing!
What is it that you love about style?
I personally like how it never stays the same trends change vastly and I like a good challenge to stay ahead of the game style is forever but clothing and trends change rapidly!
Who is my favorite Designer/fashion house?
Currently I am really into Zara due to the amazing quality and not the insane price tag but the thing is my interest changes constantly I just enjoy the vastness of it all!
If I could shop at one designer what would it be?
You guys put me on the spot here haha! I think if I had to pick anywhere I’d have to go Balmain it’s a pretty amazing store with a great design feel and it is very different keeps things interesting!but trust me that can change any day haha
How do I feel about black and brown being worn together?
All depends on the tone of the brown light brown shouldn’t be awful dark with dark is never a good idea unless black on black which is sometimes extremely good! But in my opinion I don’t wear brown with black!
What would I consider a fashion faux pas for older women?
Okay with age women should dress more comfortable I don’t think anyone would like to see an elderly woman wearing 6 inch heels and dressing like she is in her twenties. Dress more to your figure and less to impress. Age is a time to dress casual and classy!
Do you incorporate costume jewelry in your style?
I don’t mainly because I’m not of the era I see people who can rock the costume wear I however am not that person if you can rock it you absolutely should!
Who would I choose as the next designer for Chanel?
Is Karl retiring?! Haha geez I honestly have never thought about it there a thousands of aspiring artist out there who would love to take a shot at one of the top clothing houses! I will get to you on that!
Going to Italy , how to not stick out?
Italy! Known for the Italian fashion and lifestyle is actually rather casual they enjoy the leather look but with it being hot I’d stay clear so honestly dress comfortable and confident PS Italians like tourist!!
Bottoms to wear for shorter and curvier women?
Bottoms for curvier women is a problem I see a lot of women face and it isn’t really a easy thing to answer but what I can say is My best Friend Denni is a shorter girl who has curves too and she can rock shorts dresses and jeans she shops at great stores and she keeps herself up and it is all about confidence see if you like those shorts that skirt or those jeans you buy them because it’s what you like and for style wise I’ll post a picture


Thank you for all those awesome questions I hope to do this again!!

Questions for Threads:

Hello, and good morning/afternoon/night to my followers! Today I thought I would try something new, and I’d love to hear from all of you! If you have any questions for me or for my blog I’d absolutely love to hear them. Also I know thousands of you great ideas and I have been inspired by a lot of you! So today my comment section is for questions only and I hope to get a ton! Let me hear from you! I will answer all questions on my next post! Thanks and have a great day!