Who wants a tacky house?

Hello & Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a magical and amazing New Years with friends and family! For my very first post of 2020 with my new found passion with blogging again, lets talk interior.

So I usually focus on the beautiful things people wear and how simple details can make or break an outfit. Well much like fashion design, interior decorating is a fine art, that will make or break the impression of your home. However, many peoples idea of home decor varies and of course my taste will differ from others. So with that being said Lets get right into the aesthetic that I absolutely adore.

Dark Modern Minimalism:  I am not sure why but my god does it showcase well. 

Scandinavian Minimalism: Effortless, Beautiful, Timeless. 

Rustic Modernism: When you enjoy the quiet, but also love the detail. 

I hope you enjoyed
Happy New Year to my visitors.



Hello all :)



After a VERYYYYY long 5 Year hiatus from various forms of social media. I am happy to say I am back, revamped and ready to share all new fashions with all of you! Firstly, to the 3000 followers I have kept loyal to my blog thank you so very much for sticking around.

Firstly, an update on my life… I have gotten myself caught up in a serious relationship since leaving WordPress!!! You can definitely count on seeing him through out my upcoming posts! Will is a well grounded man with true southern ideals.That being said, he definitely was caught off guard with my mass of clothes I just cant seem to let go of. We are currently in a distance relationship, of course my life cant be easy. FaceTime was a seriously amazing invention 🙂 


Secondly, I became an uncle! Liam Gray Dipaola! He is now 2 but my god the boy has given me life again. I never figured I would be the uncle type but recently found it suits me!!! “Grunkle” Cameron has a certain ring to it!


For now this is just a quick update on my life 🙂
Next post, I am going to show you guys my newest inspiration Interior Designs!

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Invaluable Challenge:

I apologize for being so eh about my blogging as I have started my college courses. Making posting a rather difficult feat and I am trying to get better at it.!


I have agreed to do a rather new and exciting challenge from INVALUABLE a premiere online market place!! My challenge is to design an outfit based around a luxury watch.

Rolex SS DateJust Diamond watch
Luxury in all forms and always sure to attract attention? I wouldn’t have it any other way so I Choose the legendary Rolex as my designer watch!
Now let’s built an exclusive outfit fit for a one of a kind watch.

Suit (Top & Bottom) Dolce and Gabana-$4718
Shoes-Dolce & Gabana-$380
Button down-Acne Studios Sweden-$187
Cologne:Bleu by Chanel-$90
Cufflinks-TOM FORD-$580

Accessorize By East Dane

Good Morning!
Today I’m going to show you some of the absolutely awesome East Dane
They provide EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need from Shaving Products to Amazing little house warming gifts!
My Favorites:

Baxter of California Shave Brush:
I have always wanted a Shave Brush I couldn’t ever find one that looks classic and has great feel but this brush has an Amazing Silver tip on the brush itself! Be sure to check out this and many Other great Accessories!!

Ray Bans
The Classic Glasses who have since become international icons worn by celebrities all over the Globe!! East Dane has some Amazing Choice Sunglasses!

Marc By Marc Jacobs
It’s mark Jacobs need we say more? I am also going to compulsively start visiting the Tech Side of the Accessories Because I honestly had no clue some of this stuff existed!!

Let me know of your favorites in the comment section below. Alsohave a great day everyone!

Stocking Stuffers by T.O.M

Tis The Season

SoundBlock GO
Shown in blue the SoundBlock is the smallest and most powerful SoundBlock to date. With Room filling sound capabilities and Bluetooth wireless connection you can enjoy your music from anywhere. At only 4 inches it is an ideal stocking stuffer to surely shock and impress with how much power it truly puts out.

Firefly Laser Lamp

This is the Firefly Laser Lamp for all your more modern lighting needs. I actually across this device today and I was completely amazed! Perfect for a single room and just causes a complete oh and awe moment when entering at night!

LED Leighton Umbrella

This product pretty much speaks for itself! I love the modern Mono futuristic look. It isn’t a colored led so it doesn’t scream Lightsaber but it definitely makes a statement on a rainy ugly day! The Led lighting comes in three different forms there is solid,strobe,and patterned.


Shown in black:
The stylish smart and reusable mug that every coffee drinker needs. Most people can never get coffee to the exact right temperature! This Mug is microwaveable safe so if your cup isn’t warm enough pop it back in and Nuke it to the right temperature. If your like me and can only drink cold drinks the mug is also refrigerator safe and can make a good iced latte cup.
I hope this may have given you ideas with a certain touch of modern!:)
credit: Touch of Modern App
Available on App Store.

East Dane Gift Guide!

My clothing has arrived!!
I am absolutely content and amazed with what I received!
East Dane has very comfortable and Amazingly warm sweaters for the winter season! They would also make a truly amazing gift for the holidays! So as a little present to myself I bought my first Swedish/Nordic fashion sweater from Cheap Monday! If you want the best sweaters around and the best brands check it out here!
Sperry:Top Sider
My navy Blue Leather Sperrys are great for me while walking on campus! These canvas boat shoes make your long strolls to class comfortable and makes you look good taking them! For all the Newest arrival shoes to the classic looks check out East Dane Shoes here!
Now adding a little more of my own personal styles including Clavin Klein and Express Jeans you have a signature high fashion look!

Winter Links:
C h r i s t m a s
With the seasons coming up East Dane and Shop Bop have some pretty fashion forward deals as long as a great Clearance section for those who may have spent too much too early but could still add a gift or two!!

Oh hey! Ugly Sweater

Tis the time for Ugly Sweater Parties and Snow…


Take me Gnome Sweater
By Mossimo
I’m so so sorry my cell was broken completely and Verizon was well let’s just say a bit harsh when it comes to cell phones. So I had to downgrade as they wouldn’t let me keep the same phone :(.
I finally got to finalize my First purchase from my new favorite online shop and also the amazing company who is giving me a chance at the bigtime! EASTDANE (more…)

Turkey Day Challenge!!by THREADS

Hello Everyone & Good Morning20141127-090011-32411093.jpg
For everyone who is Celebrating today !! I know I’m going to be completely stuffed and probably need it but hit the gym for about 6 months to work it off ugh… But anyways
Since I completely loved doing the Casper Sleep Wear Challenge I would like to continue doing those but as a twist I would actually like for my readers to give me a few challenges to show for them! It could be anything from Future THREADS buys to A Me Tag Challenge! Be creative and ask away!!! Give me your best shots I would love to hear from you!!


Sleepwear Challenge: From Casper

I opened my email now from my iPad (because my cell is dead) to an invitation to participate in the Casper Sleep getting ready + signature sleepwear Challenge!
Casper is a new uprising mattress company sponsored by some amazing big names such as Ashton Kutcher,NAS, and even designer Steve Allen. They ship mattresses straight to your door in a box no bigger than a mini fridge. How does it even fit?!
Mrs.Kaplan I will most definitely take the bedtime challenge!
Step One:
To end my day before bed I tend to grab my Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Pads to break down oils and dirt from my pores. With the Pads it adds an amazing menthol cool with a great clean feel!


Step Two:
Neutrogena Shaving Cream and the Mach Razor
I don’t shave every night but I do shave at night before bedtime so I will now show you my favorites when it comes to shaving and how to take care of your skin during the process! I found the Neutrogena Shaving cream recently and it has worked wonders compared to Gillette! It is not harsh to your skin at all and keeps it smooth and clear!


Step Three :
Day& Night Face Lotion
After I use my Face Pads I use my Every Man Jack Face Lotion to keep your skin healthy and smooth even after shaving! Clears After shave burns and relieves the Redness!

Onto the Bed time Comfort & Style:

I myself prefer to have a more comfortable lay around style I don’t really need the luxury fur robes or the god awful looking snuggies! I prefer just the simple over sized sweater or a decent hoodie mixed with your favorite sweats or shorts depending on how your room is currently. Since it is god awful cold and snowing in the states I will be showing you my winter wear for bedtime.
The Shirt:

My Classic Look TOMS T-shirt I recently picked up during the Target Toms Holiday Special! It makes sleeping rather enjoyable knowing your lounging around in a T-shirt that benefits the less fortunate!!
The Sweater :

Normally I am not usually into the classic high school brands such as Hollister or Abercrombie but honestly I have this rather vintage Hollister Sweater I really enjoy! It’s a really nice knitted and fitted cotton sweater perfect for a cold night!

These are actually rather big in me luckily they came with a string tie in the front and they are brilliantly comfortable and roomy! I got these at a outlet mall I believe they are from H&M!


So this is just a basic rundown on how I myself get ready for bed and now to not only be comfortable but be stylish and comfortable!
I want to thank Casper Sleep for the amazing challenge and I hope you all enjoy 🙂

Threads:Becoming a Sponsored Blogger!

Hello Readers so I have amazing news!! Everyone Remember the East Dane and ShopBop Giveaway!
All your contributions and Comments have meant the world to me thank you so much!!


East Dane is an American Fashion Company specializing in mens fashion not only by today’s signature looks but brands as well! I have completely adored their clothing as well as The accessories! They carry some of my all time favorite Euro Brands such as Cheap Monday,Scotch and Soda,and Alexander Wang!

Since I am entering Cal U in January I will be definitely shopping for new clothes for the school year as well as this chilly season!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for myself and for threads!!