Who wants a tacky house?

Hello & Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a magical and amazing New Years with friends and family! For my very first post of 2020 with my new found passion with blogging again, lets talk interior.

So I usually focus on the beautiful things people wear and how simple details can make or break an outfit. Well much like fashion design, interior decorating is a fine art, that will make or break the impression of your home. However, many peoples idea of home decor varies and of course my taste will differ from others. So with that being said Lets get right into the aesthetic that I absolutely adore.

Dark Modern Minimalism:  I am not sure why but my god does it showcase well. 

Scandinavian Minimalism: Effortless, Beautiful, Timeless. 

Rustic Modernism: When you enjoy the quiet, but also love the detail. 

I hope you enjoyed
Happy New Year to my visitors.


Stocking Stuffers by T.O.M

Tis The Season

SoundBlock GO
Shown in blue the SoundBlock is the smallest and most powerful SoundBlock to date. With Room filling sound capabilities and Bluetooth wireless connection you can enjoy your music from anywhere. At only 4 inches it is an ideal stocking stuffer to surely shock and impress with how much power it truly puts out.

Firefly Laser Lamp

This is the Firefly Laser Lamp for all your more modern lighting needs. I actually across this device today and I was completely amazed! Perfect for a single room and just causes a complete oh and awe moment when entering at night!

LED Leighton Umbrella

This product pretty much speaks for itself! I love the modern Mono futuristic look. It isn’t a colored led so it doesn’t scream Lightsaber but it definitely makes a statement on a rainy ugly day! The Led lighting comes in three different forms there is solid,strobe,and patterned.


Shown in black:
The stylish smart and reusable mug that every coffee drinker needs. Most people can never get coffee to the exact right temperature! This Mug is microwaveable safe so if your cup isn’t warm enough pop it back in and Nuke it to the right temperature. If your like me and can only drink cold drinks the mug is also refrigerator safe and can make a good iced latte cup.
I hope this may have given you ideas with a certain touch of modern!:)
credit: Touch of Modern App
Available on App Store.

Threads: Houzz!

Well today since it is less than 3 months until I Move into Vulcan Village at California university of Pennsylvania I would like to show you a helpful app to pick things that are perfect for your room!
This amazing App was actually shown to me by a very ingenious friend of mine from The UK. She now has me addicted and I can’t wait to start shopping for it!
Houzz is a basic Interior decorating designing app! I like how you can pick from various themes and styles for your room! I myself am a black and white kind of person! I enjoy the monochrome as well as the modern boxed style looks. So I will figured I will show you some of my favorites!






Hello everyone I am so sorry I’ve been so super busy with things lately. However I am not going to take you all to the world of iphone addiction. A lot of people have asked me what I have on my cell for entertainment. So I figured I’ll make a blog post out of it!!

Obviously I am a compulsive blogger I love to get all the news and trends from all my followers! WordPress app is amazing especially for blogging on the go!


Vine is my pick for “how to waste several hours with out trying app”! I absolutely love it just because of all the great entertainment ,and how creative people can be with just 7 seconds.


I am a rather huge music addict and if I hear a song I like its an instant sound hound to figure the artist,album,and song title! Greatest invention ever to keep ahead of the global music market!

Forbes Magazine:

How do you all think I keep up with the latest and greatest. I love Forbes magazine to begin with but when I can take it everywhere why not.

YIK Yak:

When your a university kid it doesn’t take much for you to be entertained but with Yik Yak you can read/ write everything without anyone knowing who it’s from. So you can check out what your classmates are saying within a general area and have a good laugh!


Haha feeding my shopping habit. With really awesome Italian Clothing without the Italian sized price tag!


Keeping up with The Magazines,Celebs,Companies,Friends from across the pond! Business is actually pleasure on Twitter!

Plague Inc.

Yes I do have this game and yes I do love this game! I tend to get bored at work or even during a really ugly day so what do you do. Apparently plague the earth with random illnesses and enjoy it! Haha

Touch Of Modern:

My little guilty pleasure I like the newest and the best of anything so touch of modern is my App of choice!So check it out because you’ll never get bored of all the new things!

I have ALOTmore but those are the ones I use the most!
Let me know some of your favorite apps!
Have a good day EVERYONE!

Royal Family,Royal Style:

Royal Looks
Come From a Royal Designer
Today I was inspired by a WORLD class family which are not only the faces of the UK but are the faces of the latest in class and style.
Family Affair:

Queen Elizabeth II

What is she the queen of England? Yes actually… Reigning for 60 years the 88 year old royal has became the leader of 16 countries as well as an Icon!
Agyness Deyn from D&G used the Queen for her Fashion inspiration basing an entire collection on her signature gloves,headscarves,pearl necklaces, and block colors. The Queen has a very comfortable look with her marching hats and clothing. Monarchs have such great taste with clothing

Dutchess Kate Middleton
Royal Mother & Modern Icon

Katherine has always been praised for her well put together style as well as her humble ways. She has been seen in jeans and a plain tshirt shopping for groceries with the common folk to a expensive peacoat and tailor made dress. She has been lately sharing the spotlight with Kim Kardashian due to both being extremely popular in the states! She is currently awaiting her second baby and she still looks amazing!

Prince William
Soon to be King!

The soon to be king and one of my style inspirations has been taking the world by storm. Since his mother passing in 97 prince William has always in the spotlight! William usually keeps it classic casual with the basic polo and nice suit jacket and a tailored suits as well. William and Kate have been inseparable since university and are still very much inseparable! William enjoys setting his sights on great charities as well as school and sporting events.

Prince Harry
The wild one.

Prince Harry the bother of William and youngest son of Princess Diana. Harry is an active member of the UK military and with charity events. Harry has been all over magazines for his nude antics as well as his wild partying days. Harry however has since changed his life greatly and is now becoming a good face for his already classy family. Harry tends to style his looks for comfort rather than class which Is always a great look on him. Keep it casual Harry!

Princess Diana
Trend setter gone too soon


Princess Diana, a legend herself and was far ahead of her time. Diana was said to be the biggest icon since Monroe and still is compared to this day to many modern icons. Diana was all over magazines for her signature looks and classic style. She was a rough and tough princess who wasn’t afraid to get dirty. People adored her for just being herself and never letting the royal life change her.

Magazine: Preview too October


In A little more than a month Sarah from D’office and I will have our first magazine out!! Very exciting time with celeb endorsements as well as athletes and some very talented bloggers!!
Let’s hear from you
I may do an article or two for the magazine and with that being said I would like your opinions!! It’s very important since I hear from many of you daily and view a lot of your great blogs!

1.) Mens Basic October Fashions
2.)Threads Personal Luxury likes.
3.)Colognes for every season.
4.)Shoes for the Season
5.) Mens active wear.
6.) Accessories.
Let me know what you think & blow up my WordPress.

Magazine:October 2014


D’Office Threads Magazine
For those of you who follow my twitter account you know I am currently working on a magazine with D’office apparel. Sarah and I have been speaking to several talented fashion bloggers, celebs, company’s and athletes. We have had such a great outcome and are very excited for our very first international magazine! Currently we are looking for more writers and I know I have 3,000 very talented followers! So I am going to be holding my comment section to anyone who wants to write for the magazine. I am currently the editor for the magazine as well as the stylist for D’office apparel. Comments will be only taken for today only and Sarah and I will go through the list tonight. We will contact the writers we have chosen soon!! Each person selected will have their own full page Article with their blog name and link!


Design: Thinking Made Visible

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” – Coco Chanel


Any room can look sophisticated, chic, and classy. The color combination of black and white is always the best route to go. Black and white for a design theme is tasteful, refined, and modern. Simplicity is a timeless luxury. A bedroom is a perfect place to create with your own style. IKEA is a great place to find the right bedroom furniture. Bed, Bath & Beyond is also a good place for the most stylish decor.

“What’s the difference between good design and great design? …the price.” – IKEA

Bed- Bed frames can be high, low, and even include storage. They can also come in different styles and colors. Mattresses come in many styles, shapes, and comfort levels too. Daybeds, guest beds, and futons are also available. Headboards can be changed as well.


IKEA $179


IKEA $149


IKEA $799


Bed, Bath & Beyond $229

You can also opt to get a pillowtop and pillow protectors. It is up to preference of the number of pillows, the style of the bedding, and what type of bedding. Sheets, comforters, bedspreads, quilts, and blankets are the types of bedding covers that are available.


Bed, Bath, & Beyond $89.99-$119.99


Bed, Bath & Beyond $139.99-$149.99


Bed, Bath & Beyond $199.99-$249.99

Storage- It’s a good idea to get bedroom storage as well. Storage is important so a room doesn’t look cluttered and keeps the room neat and organized. Anywhere from bed storage, nightstands, wardrobes, shelves, and chests can be used. Also make sure to have closet space.


IKEA $649


IKEA $99.99


IKEA $14.99

Lighting- Every room needs light. Lamps can come in all sorts of styles, from what type of light bulb used to the lamp shade shape. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and overhead lighting are all examples of how to brighten a room.


IKEA $7.99


Bed, Bath & Beyond $238

Decor- The best part of designing a room is picture out the decor. Wall art, mirrors, pictures, anything can be used for decorative purposes for a room. Make the bedroom personal.


Bed, Bath & Beyond $12.99


Bed, Bath & Beyond $64.99


IKEA $79.99


Bed, Bath & Beyond $34.99

Fashion is Art

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

1. Yves Saint Laurent and Piet Mondrian:


During the 20th century, Dutch artist Piet Mondrian became a major influence to fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Laurent designed the Mondrian Collection, featuring dresses based from the designs and paintings of Mondrian. In 1965, the collection was featured on the front cover of French Vogue. Mondrian’s paintings, called “Compositions,” were composed of straight, forceful lines along with the colors blue, black, white, red and yellow. These abstract paintings were transformed into famous shift dresses that are sophisticated, simple and chic. The Mondrian Collection helped Yves Saint Laurent lead the fashion trends for the 20th century.


2. Gianni Versace and Andy Warhol:


Gianni Versace was able to capture the eccentric and colorful works of Andy Warhol in the 1991 evening gown design featuring Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe and James Dean paintings. Versace, being fascinated with celebrity significance, turned the paintings into wearable designs. Both Versace and Warhol are known for their flamboyant designs and colorful palettes. Versace’s designs matched well with the early 1990s style of fashion. Versace designed both tight skirts and long dresses with Warhol’s designs. The wacky and zesty Versace fashion pieces helped both the fashion house and Andy Warhol expand their names.


3. Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami


One of the best known fashion and art collaborations is between Japanese artist Takashi Murakmi and fashion house Louis Vuitton. The collaboration started in the early 2000s with the then Louis Vuttion creative director Marc Jacobs. The first creations were monogram bags. Murakmi is known for his exhibition “Superflat.” Famous names such as the Juicy brand, Kayne West, and Paris Hilton have been seen with the designs. The collaboration definitely made a statement for both Murakmi and Louis Vuitton. This evolution of art and fashion brought Louis Vuitton into a new and creative generation.


4. Rodarte and Vincent Van Gogh


The Spring 2012 collection from Rodarte is obviously inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh. The dresses and collection were like a copy of the painter’s famous works. Famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Solange Knowles, and Dakota Fanning were in attendance for the revealing of the collection. Van Gogh’s painting, including the well-known “Starry Night,” were transformed into fashion pieces. Rodarte brought modern trends, like cut-outs, and Van Gogh’s colored and swirling prints, into the style of the 21st century.


5. Chanel and Zaha Hadid


Chanel is known for extravagant and fantastic endeavors, including a traveling pavilion gallery. In 2008, the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, traveled to Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York City, and Paris. The pavilion was made of mostly steel but also aluminum extrusions and plastics. The structure was elegant, exquisite and versatile. Karl Lagerfeld wanted to celebrate the Matelasse bag along with contemporary art. The Pavilion was presented in a futuristic way by Beaux-Arts magazine’s director Fabrice Bousteau. It was donated to the Arab World Institute in 2011. The glamorous Pavilion brought attention to the art and architectural world in relation with the fashion industry, done by the utmost amazing Chanel brand.